Elkton Main Street Manager Named Interim Director of Boys & Girls Club

The Boys and Grils Club of Cecil County has announced that Mary Jo Jablonski has been named interim executive director of the nonprofit organization.  The former director, Steve Miller, resigned in Dec.  In addition to serving Elkton as a town commissioner, Mary Jo is also the director for the Elkton Chamber/Alliance and the Main Street program.  “The Alliance and the town have agreed to the arrangement” the Cecil Guardian reported in its Feb. 4th print edition.  “It’s a win/win for both organizations as they tighten their financial belts,” the reporter,  Stephanie Palko, wrote.


4 responses to “Elkton Main Street Manager Named Interim Director of Boys & Girls Club

  1. Congrats! What astounding news. Is this appointment a “reward” for the fine job done revitalizing Main Street? Have I missed the dramatic increase in new businesses filling those dark, vacant storefronts. I hear a new supermarket is thinking of moving into the old Newberry’s. Oh, sorry. That’s pretty much filled with publicly funded escapades. I would like Someone Noticed to investigate whether the new Interim Director of the Boys and Girls program is getting paid, or is this a donation of her talents? (Am I naive?) With the fine job done revitalizing Main Street under the director’s belt, I can’t wait to see dramatic improvements and visibility to the youngsters’ program. The Peter Principle seems to be alive and well in Cecil County.

  2. Zogloba

    You bring up a series of interesting questions. To start you didn’t miss anything, anyone passing through downtown can readily assess the situation. In fact one official discussion centered around getting visitors to Elkton to “realize there is a downtown” since peole think it is Route 40. It was stated that “the town needs a new campaign to draw visitor’s downtown . . . ” We fully agree for the offical discussion on that is right on target. That’s something we’ve been saying for a long time, but at least in this case it was an official of our government and our agency providing leadership for the process. It’s one of the challenges they need to develop solutions for.

    Over the past few year’s Elkton’s Main Street has faced growing challenges to its vitality, and those are in addition to the sharp economic downturn. If a more positive trend is going to develop, these threats need to be addressed and plans implemented to turn the trends around. Most of those challenges, as well as a discussion of the opportunities, have been documented on this blog and in the Cecil Whig.

    You asked about more details on the position. A published report on the additional responsiblity of the director appeared in the Guardian. It said this added obligation was approved by the town of Elkton and it implies that both of these were part-time jobs. We’re sure more information will develop on this over the week ahead.

    The restoration of old Main Streets is a challenging task, one that deserves careful systematic attention, especially in a place where the barriers to success are increasing. The Mayor and Commissioners, while far too often blamed for the problems downtown, have made signficiant contributions by underwriting much of the costs.

    We’re working on a few more news articles and an editorial on the growing challenges, threats, and risk and the need to have viable plans in place to bring visitors back to Main Street.

    Scroll through the blog and you’ll see plenty of coverage on this important issue.

    The revitalization of old downtowns is something that deserves our support and require careful, systematic attention related to implementation of economic development interventions that will turn the situation around. But they have to be well deserved and measured and when one solution set isn’t producing the right outcomes, try another one.

    We’re a big supporter of the national Main Street program, a program of the national historical trust, and often visit old downtowns to enjoy the ambiance, the history, the art and the culture. The challenge is for Elkton to assess it practical opportunities and build on plans that leverage those opportunities.

  3. Congrats, yah, where you been. Astounding news, that you got right. Like that other one said, a Main Street mess.

  4. Joe you watching this. That newspaper said you approved it. What Happened to Main Steet. You said you were watching out for Main Street when you ran for office.

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