Keep Up With Breaking Cecil Co. News As Major Snow Storms Moves Through

Saturday, Feb. 6, 9:15 a.m. — The powerful storm that swept into the area late Friday afternoon continues to dump lots of snow on Cecil County this Saturday morning. The near blizzard situation is expected to continue throughout most of Saturday and nearby counties, such as Harford and Kent, are under official blizzard warnings. The latest graphic from the National Weather Service predicts Cecil will be blanketed by 25-inches of snow and advises to expect extensive blowing and drfiting due to high winds.

To help you keep with up the breaking news as the storm struggles to move out of Maryland, Someone Noticed has a few websites which provide informative real time news relevant to Cecil County.

  • Chesapeake City Volunteer Fire Co Call & News Log – The PIO at Stations 2 & 12, Dave Campbell, maintains an active news feed on the web. As the storm rolled into the Chesapeake region and people headed home from work, duty crews were placed in the fire stations for the duration of the storm. In addition, the Company responded to an automobile accident at 213 and Courthouse Point Road and one other call. Click here to keep an eye on emergency response news from this part of Cecil County.
  • Power Outages in Cecil County – So far the grid is holding up well in the county. At 9:15 this morning, only 370 of the nearly 43,000 Delmarva Power and Light Customers were without power. The largest cluster was just north of Chesapeake City where nearly 400 customers had lost electricity. Delmarva notes that the power for that area should be back on in an hour or so. Much small groups of customers have lost power in North Chesapeake City and Fredericktown. This real time data is updated frequently and includes much more helpful information, including mapping. As long as you have a power or a web capable smart phone, you’re able to keep up with happenings on the grid in Cecil county.
  • MD Dept of Transportation Traffic Maps – Related to highway travel, this state agency maintains interactive maps showing traffic incidents and flow, roadway weather conditions, accidents, closures, and webcams at locations such as the Conowingo Dam. Click here to stay current in highway information through Maryland.
  • National Weather Service – Mt. Holly – Most informative for keeping up with weather conditions, we grabbed this graph from the Weather Service showing that they’re now expecting Cecil to be blanketed with 25-inches. There’s much more detailed info on the web there.


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