Snow Storm Hits Southern Part of County the Hardest

Feb 7, 2010, 2:55 p.m.  — As the big dig continues around the county this  Sunday afternoon and the thermometer struggles to hit the freezing mark, people are talking about how much snow they received in their area.  Just out from the National Weather Service is a storm report containing official data.  Residents in the southern part of the county received higher accumulations, the white stuff stacking up to 27″ in Port Herman while Galena reported 30-inches.  In the northern part of Cecil, Colora recorded a mere 19.8.”

 Here are the snow fall totals for  stations in or near the county.  Click here to  go to the Weather Service site for more information. 

 Colora — 19.8-inches

Elkton – 21-inches

Fair HIll — 18-inches

Galena – 30-Inches

Newark – 24.3-inches

North East – 20-Inches

Port Herman –  27-inches


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