The Bohemia Eurekas Begin Playing Vintage Base Ball

By the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton

Elkton, Maryland, February 8, 2010  — The region’s premier 19th century base ball organization, the Elkton Base Ball Club is announcing the formation of its newest team within the club.  The Bohemia Eurekas will begin playing vintage base ball in the Spring of 2010.  Players are wanted immediately to form the new team within the Elkton Club.  The first team within the Elkton Base Ball Club is the Eclipse who are the 3 time defending Maryland State Champions and the 2009 Mid Atlantic League Champions.

Vintage base ball is baseball played using the same rules and customs that were common in the 1860s using the same style uniforms and equipment that were used in the Mid 19th century.  The Eclipse play a 40 match schedule from early April until late October.  Its home matches are at Historic Elk Landing which is located off of Landing Lane in Elkton.  Players range in age from 21 to 65 and come from all walks of life from students to school principals, from farmers to executives, from mechanics to airline pilots and everywhere in between.  Members reside not only in Cecil County but also in southern New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and the rest of the state of Maryland.

The Eurekas will be based on a historically accurate account of one of the first clubs that played in Cecil County in 1866.  The original club played at Cyote’s Corner near Chesapeake City and were one of the finest in the region.  The modern Eurekas will eventually have the same type of uniform that the original club used and use the same style wooden bats and balls.  No gloves however are needed as they didn’t come in to existence until the mid 1880s.

The Eurekas will play about a 12 match season to start in 2010 against regional clubs.  Their home matches and practices will take place at Elk Landing.  Commitment time is usually just 2-3 days a month from April until October.  All instruction and guidance will come from current members of the Eclipse BBC of Elkton.

To learn more or to sign up for the new club, please contact us at or go to our website at for more information.


The Elkton Base Ball Club aka the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton are a part of the Cecil County Parks and Recreation Department and a subcommittee of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation.  For more information about the club please contact us at


3 responses to “The Bohemia Eurekas Begin Playing Vintage Base Ball

  1. I’d like to photograph one of the players from the Eclipse if there are any from Cecil County. I went to see one of their games last year, but had to leave before it started.

  2. Our first home match is April 24th at Elk Landing. If you want to talk to us or know more about the club, just contact us at and we’ll put you on the distribution list as well for all our press releases, newsletters, and information. On April 24th and 25th there will be 12 19th century clubs playing from 10am until dark each day. All the matches will be at Elk Landing which is at the end of Landing Lane just off Route 40 in Elkton. Our website is for more info. Thanks!

  3. Bill:

    Get in touch with these guys. I’m sure they’d be happy to have some coverage. It would also be great for them to have photos to include with their news releases since people look for images these days. When they forward a story, they never include photos to illustrate it.

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