Over 10,000 Delmarva Power Customers Without Electricity in Cecil Co.

Elkton, MD, Feb. 10, 12:00 p.m.  — With the area under a blizzard warning for the remainder of today and heavy snow continuing to fall, Delmarva Power reports that service has been interuptted to 10,325 customers in Cecil as of noon.  The utility has nearly 43,000 customers in the county. 

Outages are widely scattered (see image below), but the largest concentration is on the Route 40 corridor, stretching from the Charlestown area to just west of Elkton.  Another area is Elk Neck where 1,858 homeowners have lost service.  Utility crews are working to restore service in this area to 4,880 customers. To get the latest detailed information on how the grid is holding up in Cecil surf over to the Delmarva Power and Light Co storm center, which has lots of helpful real-time information, including the location of the service disruption, the number of customers without electricity, and the estimated repair time.  Click her to go over to the site, assuming, of course, that you still have electricity or have a smart phone. 

Delmarva Power Grid as of noon, Wed., Feb. 10, 2010


2 responses to “Over 10,000 Delmarva Power Customers Without Electricity in Cecil Co.

  1. I didn’t have electric for over an hour. I read some of Mount Harmon Diaries by Sidney George Fisher when he lived there in the Earleville area and I looked at Baltimore A Portrait from 2002.
    So it wasn’t too bad to be without tv.

  2. Bill: Lots of people in Cecil Co. discovered life
    off the grid.

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