Series of Back-to-Back Storms Bring Plenty of Snow to Cecil

While the record-breaking back-to-back wintry blasts have Cecil County continuing to dig out on this Valentines Day, the National Weather Service has some data for the storms of Jan. 30, Feb. 5 & 6, and Feb. 11. the bullseye for the powerful storms ranged from northwestern Cecil to areas south of the canal.  The cumulative  record goes to Conowingo which has reported 48-inches this season.  Port Herman came in second with 43-inches while Elkton had a modest 37 inches.

From 1927 to 1979 Elkton had a Cooperative Weather Reporting Station and H. Wirt Bochelle dutifully captured each day’s readings.  For the period he recorded the data from his home in the center of Elkton, he noted that on January 30, 1966, the record  snow-fall was 20-inches.  The frigid visit of Feb 5 & 6 brought 21-inches to Elkton, according to the Weather Service.

The official weather service graphics below show the impact on the area.


2 responses to “Series of Back-to-Back Storms Bring Plenty of Snow to Cecil

  1. My grandparents lived on Bow St. next to the Bouchelles. His granddaughter Ann and I used to play hide & seek and climb up into the weather station to hide. While we were at it we would flip the thermometer and empty the rain guage. He would have a “fit” and then take us to the Dairy Queen for a dilly bar. He and his wife were very nice people and I have fond memories of my visits.

  2. Debbie:

    Thanks for posting your memories about Mr. Bouchelle. But I now have a question, are some of thsoe records understated (smile). Empty rain gauge!

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