Elkton’s Downtown Redevelopment Director Takes on Part-Time Role With Boys & Girls Club

Since our Feb. 6 story reporting that Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski, was named the interim director of the Boys and Girls Club of Cecil County (BGC) two newspapers have provided additional information.  She has been employed by the Elkton Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street program for 10 years, serving that nonprofit in recent years as its executive director.  The move to half-time status with the downtown redevelopment authority is a cost-cutting move, the Herald reported.  The BGC assignment is also part-time.

Commissioner Jablonski became a board member of the BGC in the spring of 2009, and according to the Cecil Whig she strongly supported the opening of an Elkton youth center at 132 W. High Street.  It will take about “three months for her to regroup and reorganize the BGC” she advised the Whig.  “A director is expected to be hired after that time span.”  Since money is always a big concern with a nonprofits, Commissioner Jablonski is “hoping to add more fundraisers to help with that” she told the paper.   Issues related to downtown redevelopment won’t be neglected, the Whig noted since those tasks will be handled by Jessica Price a full time staffer with the Alliance/Chamber.


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