Before Lights Go Off at Fort Monmouth, An Opportunity for Elkton; BRAC Workers Finding County Extremely Attractive – 40% Have Settled Here.

Elkton Town Hall — March 3, 2010 — The commissioners were asked if the town was interested in “showcasing” Elkton at the final Fort Monmouth, NJ Relocation Fair on May 26, 2010 by Cecil County Dept. of Economic Development marketing coordinator Erika Quesenbery.  Traditionally Economic Development works with the hospital, college, Chamber of Commerce, schools and other county-wide agencies to set-up a marketing display for the two-day recruiting events.  But since this is the last relocation fair Economic Development is approaching the towns to see if municipalities want to “showcase what they have to offer” at the final one day opportunity.  “The day for the lights to be turned off at Fort Monmouth and turned on at Aberdeen Providing Ground is Sept. 15, 2011,” Erika told the commissioners.

“Since BRAC talk has started, what percentage of people has come this way?” Commissioner Givens inquired.  About 1300 relocated workers are presently at Aberdeen Proving Ground and of those 400 have permanently settled in Cecil County, while an additional 120 are renting was the reply.  “We were projected to receive 7% but do the math on those numbers and it’s a lot more than 7% of people who are moving down,” she added.  When the Commissioner observed that Cecil’s percentage of base realignment workers settling here from Monmouth County, NJ was nearing 50% the marketing director said “we’re getting there.  They’re also going to Harford, Baltimore, York, Lancaster and New Castle counties.”  Since the county is attracting, 40% of the available pool of militiary-related workers from the Northern New Jersey base Cecil is competiting successfully against other jurisidctions that are undertaking the same initiative.  “So it’s more dispersed in other areas,” the commissioner concluded.


4 responses to “Before Lights Go Off at Fort Monmouth, An Opportunity for Elkton; BRAC Workers Finding County Extremely Attractive – 40% Have Settled Here.

  1. Wow Cecil Co is running all over Hartford and Baltimore. Smoking them we are. No sense them even trying to get any more BRAC people. They found a good thing here. Next thing we’ll need some more developments in Conowingo. Wonder how many of those 50% Elkton got and the Realtors dont have to do anything except take in the commission for the sale. Can’t wait go hear the report next time. Hartford will loosing people I bet.

  2. Elkton Brownbagger

    You’re staying busy on your lunch hour. Just to clarify, what was said was that 40% of people coming from Fort Monmouth thus far have moved into Cecil County, and it was just casually remarked that we’re getting toward half.

    That’s a significant outcome since they only anticpated 7%, it was reported. Something is pulling them in here. It would be interesting to see what’s causing such a success and how that can be leverage for other projects.

    If that trend is a guide for the remainder of the period, we’ll have a measurable increase in population in Cecil County. According to some official estimates BRAC will add 25,000 new households to MD when it’s over. That’s households so you’d have to multiply that by a factor of 3 or so to get a population count, in order to figure family size.

    It’ll be interesting to watch this one.

  3. Hey Elkton brownbagger here. Yeah right. Beating out Harford County. Next thing you r going to tell me we gave Philly and Baltimore a run for it. I hear the county has a bridge for sell to.

  4. Elkton Brown-bagger. We didn’t say that. Someone Noticed was just reporting the news at the town of ELkton meeting as the county economic development dept informed the commissioners that this was the percentage of population settling in Cecil County.

    It is a very favorable outcome for Cecil County and if Harford Co is doing something equally as large, it doesn’t leave much of a distribution for the other county economic development departments that are trying to get a slice of the worker population.

    We’re just covering the news.

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