Wes Walker Plans a Meet the Town Candidates on April 10th

Elkton Town Hall, March 3, 2010 — Elkton voters will have a chance to meet candidates in the May municipal election at an event being organized for April 10th at 2:00 p.m. at the All American Sports Academy, Wes Walker, a candidate for mayor announced. This created some concern by elected officials so Wes was asked if this wasn’t “something the Elkton Alliance does or has it been taken away from them?”  “It is just for the public to get to know whose running and it’s on a Saturday when most people have the day off,” Wes answered.  Commissioner Jablonski, the Elkton Alliance Director added, “No, No, we do it at a luncheon at every election and invite the public to meet the candidates at the May luncheon right before the election,” as she quickly added that she and Wes had talked this matter over. But the Alliance Director had one concern that the meet the candidates session Wes was planning was being held before the filing deadline. “That wouldn’t be good if the public is going to meet any of them they need to meet them all,” Commissioner Givens added. “It is good for the public to know who has filed before the deadline” and its being held on a Saturday when more people can attend was how Wes answered that matter.  With the mayoral candidate still indicating that he planned to move ahead with the April 10th forum and have new and legacy media there to cover it, the discussion ended.


5 responses to “Wes Walker Plans a Meet the Town Candidates on April 10th

  1. Way to go Wes. I can’t make a businessmans lunch cause I got to work. Besides I’m not a member of that Alliance and can’t afford an expensive lunch. Think I could bring my brown bag. Thanks for doing this when Elkton voters can come.

  2. Hey its me again the taxpayer. Just call
    me the Elkton Brownbagger. Those Cecil Co Republicans got their tea party. We Elkton tayers can’t take off for an expensive lunch so that makes us the Elkton Brownbaggers. Back to my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  3. Elkton Brownbagger

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on this matter Brown-Bagger. Historically Elkton campaigns and the issues don’t get much exposure and it’s much worse now that newspapers provide less coverage to the town.

    Our thought is the more sources of information about the candidates the better. Certainly the Alliance reaches its members and parts of the business community through hosting candidates at the monthly members luncheon, whic is a good thing. But it’ll be good to reach other constituents who can’t make it downtown on a workday or want to see candidates is a different forum since they have different interests.

    We’d hope others step forward and host meet the candidates forums so a large range of Elkton voters are reached. Such a small number of people vote in Elkton and more of these forums will hopefuly encourage wider, informed particiaption, in this new era. Elkton is a vastly changed town and so many of the potential voters work far outside the community and they’ll need some other way to be informed, since print won’t have much coverage of the substantial issues.

    As for Someone Noticed, we hope to do our best and have serious interviews with each candidate, where we ask important questions. As amatuers in this citizen journalism field, the best we’ve figured out is that a reporter should be thoroughly inquisitive and also be a little skepitcal. We’ll try to do our part and ask queestions, that will inform readers.

  4. I agree with you Mike. The residents of Elkton who can not attend the Alliance luncheons are entitled to hear all of the candidates whenever and where they can.

  5. Joan:

    Good to hear from you and thanks for posting your thoughts on this on Someone Noticed. I would think the mayor and commissiones and all the candidates would want as many opportunities as possible to allow officer-seekers to be heard. There aren’t too many people downtown on a workday so when Wes brought it up, we though it was logical since I can’t imagine many Elkton voters get to hear what’s said at the Alliance met the candidates program.

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