Candidate Pool for Elkton Town Election Growing

Elkton Town Hall – March 11, 2010 — As of this Thursday morning, three candidates have filed for the two commissioners seats and one person has officially entered the race for mayor.  Rumors on Main Street have it that the pool is going to get much larger, so we’ll wait to see about that.  But there are indications that this could be one of the most competitive races in years.

Here’s the list thus far:

For Mayor

Wes Walker

For Commissioner

Mary Jo Jablonski, Incument

Charles Hicks, V

Joseph Ulrich

There are a range of important challenges confronting the town in 2nd decade of the 21st century and two incumbents, thus far, are seeking reelection.  Mayor Joseph Fisona, completing his 2nd term, made the revitalization of downtown Elkton one of the priorities of his administration over the nearly 8 years he’s held the mayor’s seat.  While he has yet to file he has told people around town that he is going to seek a third term and has been lining up campaign support.  Commissioner Jablonski also serves as the director of the revitalization authority overseeing the important initiative of restoring economic health to the central business distrct.

There are a range of other challenges and the board has been involved in a range of controversial matters.  These include a series of back-to-back law suits, where the town has settled out-of-court and one current piece of pending litigation.

We’ll try to obtain interviews with each candidate to give them an opportunity to present their platform and we’ll ask ask follow-up questions so voters have some idea of where the officer-seekers stand on positions.

As new media providing citizen journalism reporting on the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton,” we’ll continue to try to fill the gap in new coverage on Elkton and keep it fair and balanced.


4 responses to “Candidate Pool for Elkton Town Election Growing

  1. So when’s Fisona going to file again? Past two times he ran on revitalizing Main St. Said we were his top priority. What happened Joe? Did you forget us after we voted for you Joe? Come downtown and see us sometimes Joe?

  2. Elkton Brown Bagger

    Yeah Joe is fixing it up allright. If you are on Main Street you see what happened when Joe started working for us. At least. Jimmie’s looked out for the town.

  3. East Main
    This week Mayor Fisona filed to run for a second term for the office. We’ll get a little more up on this as a news piece shortly and we’re offeirng an interview for each candidate, with follow-up questions.

    You’re right on some of his campaign prioritieis. In his two terms he made the revitalization of the town center a priority, along with fixing up the social ills that exits in the town center.

  4. Elkton Brownbagger if East Main is in business on Main Street, he or she is very aware of how things have gone downtown over the past decade. Some of the things are beyond the control of Mayor Fisona and the revitalizaiton authority, but there are others such as the loss of employment that should have received far more attention.

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