Charles Hicks Files for Elkton Commissioners Seat

Charles Hicks, the former code compliance officer for the Town of Elkton, is running to fill one of the two open commissioners seats in the May municipal election.   He and mayoral candidate Wes Walker both attended the last meeting of the board.

Meanwhile there are a number of rumors around town about other candidates who plan to file before the deadline.  Someone Noticed will do interviews with candidates to provide as much indepth, balanced information as possible about the issues, priorities and platforms of the office-seekers in the May town election, since its important for voters to have detailed information of this nature in order to assess candidate choices.

We talked with Mr. Hicks today and look forward to hearing more about his priorities for the Town of Elkton and how he hopes to address them.  Wes Walker has promised us a similiar interview.


4 responses to “Charles Hicks Files for Elkton Commissioners Seat

  1. Charles Hicks is just who we need in Elkton. Very forward thinking, honest, and aware of the needs of the community.

  2. Elaine:

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on Someone Noticed. We don’t know Mr. Hicks very well, but from having watched him serve the town of Elkton, we can tell you that he is very well respected. He comes across in the most professional way. The other day he was at a town meeting and was warmly greeted by the public and officials.

  3. He is a great guy. I have dealt with him at various levels in both the professional world and the volunteer arena. He is always up front about the issues, but also has good advice when needed.

  4. Eliane. Thanks for the insight. Elkton has growing challenges in the 21st century, including how to identify and implement strategies that will bring some vitality back downtown. But there are others growing problems too.

    It needs leadership that can help with these challenges. We hope to have an indepth interview with Mr. Hicks on the things he hopes to accomplish soon for readers.

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