Cecil County Spending: Taxed Enough Already! — New Web Site Provides Informative Content About Co. Budget

This morning as we surfed the World Wide Web catching up on the latest Cecil County news from a range of sources an informative fresh arrival caught our attention.  It’s called “Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already!”.  While there were a series of articles, one in particular helped us understand the complexity of the budget for a Cecil County department.  The author analyzed the proposed information technology budget for Cecil County.  Thanks for the informative, piece loaded with data for us to consider.  If someone will report these types of things, we’ll critically read the article and come to our own conclusions based on the presentation of information. 

Thanks for an insightful public service.  We hope to see more analytical coverage of this complex subject, to help voters understand this matter. 


2 responses to “Cecil County Spending: Taxed Enough Already! — New Web Site Provides Informative Content About Co. Budget

  1. Thanks for the plug! Any “Someone Noticed” readers interested in joining in and looking over one of the department budgets, please let me know. We’re looking for volunteers to look over any one (just one is all we ask) budget, and provide feedback, comments and spending cut suggestions. As you can see on the site, a few have already been looked over. If anyone is interested in contributing, just click on the “Contribute” link on the top right corner. Political affiliation doesn’t matter–just a desire to see our County government spend less and cut taxes.

  2. Certainly Josue and thanks for the helpful information. I wish we had more insightful coverge of local govt news. If someone will report, I can decide. It’s just when there’s a news blackout, its hard to stay informed as a citizen.

    I was hoping to see the response to questions from economic development. Where does that stand?

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