Press Release: Ted Patterson Announces Candidacy for State Delegate (34B)

Press Release

March 13, 2010 — Ted Patterson filed today to run for State Delegate in District 34B because business-as-usual in Annapolis cannot continue. Ted, a lifelong resident of Cecil County, said, ”We do not have a revenue problem in Annapolis; we have a spending problem. Right now our state faces enormous fiscal problems that will, if not addressed by bold leadership, lead us to disaster.” Ted has the will power and vision to make tough decisions that will balance the Maryland state budget.

The Friends of Ted Patterson are hosting a “Campaign Kick-Off” reception on Wednesday, March 31st at 7pm. The reception will be held at the Susky River Grille located at 600 Rowland Drive, Port Deposit, MD 21904. Ticket prices are $45 per person. Sponsorships are available. For more information contact the Campaign Treasurer, Carrie Taylor, at or via phone at 302-981-1477.

Ted is a graduate of Perryville High School and the University of Delaware, and is committed to our community’s future. Ted worked at a local middle school tutoring students in math, science, and writing, and volunteered as a football coach at Perryville High School. He later worked for the Cecil Land Trust writing the policy paper “An Environmental, Economic, and Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed Grain Barging Facilities in Cecil County, Md.” in support of the Cecil Land Trust’s goals of helping local farmers in our region create greater profitability for their long-held family farms.

During Ted’s time with the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration he has spearheaded important research on issues such as transportation/land-use integration and transit-oriented development. He also participated on a team project to create a framework for comprehensive community design guidelines for older road users. In June 2009, he published “Integrating Transportation/Transit Planning in the Overall Planning Process” for use as an agenda moving forward for Delaware transportation planners working toward greater integration between land use policies and transportation investment priorities.

Our Founding Fathers, through the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, outlined a supreme law of the land that fostered the development of our great country. Sadly, the freedom and prosperity we have come to enjoy as US citizens and Marylanders have come under attack. In Annapolis Ted will be a champion for individual liberty, Constitutional government, and fiscal discipline.

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6 responses to “Press Release: Ted Patterson Announces Candidacy for State Delegate (34B)

  1. So why didn’t you contact the Democratic incumbent, Mr. Rudolph, and do some reporting here? I am very much afraid that my favorite news blog is becoming a press release regurgitation for the Republicans. So sad. This is what I expect from The (Republican) Guardian, but not what I had come to expect from Someone Noticed.

  2. Louise

    Don’t worry, we’ll put up press releases from either side that comes our way so we stay “fair and balanced.” When we’re merely capturing press releases (or linking to items), as we clearly labeled the piece from Ted Patterson, we have a real challenge. The Young Republicans are early adopters and the Dems at any level just don’t seem to be climbing aboard with using new media to move information. I’d hope that someone on the Dems side of the spectrum would start generating local content material related to the issues that exist in the county, since there’s a real opportunity there. Thus since the Young Republicans effectively share their messages, they’re making great use of this opportunity.

    What we don’t want to do is become something like Cecil Pravada, deciding what the public is allowed to see. There are already enough filters out there looking out for what we are allowed to know (corporate, political leadership, commissioners, etc) deciding that for us.

    Oh after I saw your note, I surfed over to Delegate Rudolph’s site to see if he had an announcement out that we could clip or link to. He didn’t, but we’ll be more than happy to publish any announcements from Dems.

    We’ve brought this very matter up with some of the younger leadership on the Dems side since all of us do need balance and perspective. Let a side make its arguments and present the case and if I have both perspectives I can decide.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective for we appreciate your readership, comments, and observations.

  3. Louise:

    I’m curious to know what you think about the latest makeover of the virtual edition of the Cecil Whig?

  4. Point well taken. I didn’t mean to pick on you. You are right that the Young Republicans are very out there on putting their spin on everything on the internet, blogs, etc. The Democrats need to wake up on the local level.
    But I think your respected blog does have an obligation to go a step beyond and that doesnt mean being a censor or anything like that. With all the baloney being put out in the blogosphere, there is a need for thoughtful people like yourself to make sense of things and call some attention to points that may not be obvious to the average person who is only seeing one side in the activist blogs.
    As for the Whig, it is all pictures, videos and stuff from other papers. You can dress up the pig with an Easter bonnet, but it is still a pig.

  5. The Cecil Democrats are active and on the web.
    I am the president of the Young Dems, and to this point we have used our web presence for direct news, events and have attempted to stay away from the pitfalls of “spinning” commentary.
    For the foreseeable future it is unlikely that you will see us (YDs) contributing to anything that is “spin worthy,” as our organization on a local level is honestly more interested in philanthropic engagement than political show-boating. We’re highly active in the community when it comes to voter registration, raising money for the MS Society at the upcoming MS walk, and working with local charities such as the Kid’s Defense Team from North East.
    We would like to sincerely apologize that what we’ve chosen to be involved in doesn’t “bleed” and therefore it doesn’t “lead” as typical journalism would have you want to know.

    And yes, Mike has poked, prodded and encouraged us to put our spin on issues, and has welcomed an open forum for both sides.

    Also, in general, the Democratic philosophy is very people-centric and public-centric. We like to get out into the community, meet the real people face-to-face, as opposed to hiding behind a press-release.

  6. Jobeth, thanks for posting your perspective on Someone Noticed.

    Certainly advocacy groups have to selct strategies to advance their mission and there are a range of ways to go about that.

    In trying to stay informed about affairs of government and local politics, one of the challenges I have with these more complex matters in Cecil County (in comparison to police beat stories), is the lack informative local content that addresses the issues from both sides and provides me with a range of perspectives for consideration.

    If someone will report, I’ll sort through the spin if that’s what someone is pushing, but since we’re so underserved here it is hard to stay up on the issue and consider both sides, especially when legacy media doesn’t cover many happenings or dig deeply into a story.

    For me, as a non-affiliated reader that’s one of the values I find in reading the material published by the Young Republicans. They help to keep me informed and I’m fully capable of sorting through the spin, when someone tries to push that.

    Certainly they present the case and argument from a viewpoint, but I do find the material helpful and informative. I’ll evaluate it and determine how much face validity I give any given presentation of facts and findings. Other viewpoints, when they’re available provide other perspectives to be considered.

    For me as a non-affiliated voter, I find the presentation of the strong arguments and good fact-finding helpful when I find that so I can make informed decisions when it comes time to vote.

    There have been some pieces published on their social networking sites that have been very informative and help me stay informed. I wish there were more sources, the way it was when we once had multiple media sources covering Cecil County poiticiaans. Goodness knows they needs lot of coverage and lots of sunlight.

    But that’s what I look for and certainly there are many ways to function in advocacy roles and promote causes or positions. The leadership of an organization has to select the methods that are appropriate for the purpose and norms of their group.

    Anyway, that’s my perspective and thanks for sharing yours.

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