Headline News: Carl Roberts Seeks 4th District Commissioners Seat

Headline News


Perryville, March 25, 2010 — Speaking about his vision for the future of Cecil County Carl Roberts formally announced his candidacy for County Commissioners in an early afternoon press conference at the Perryville Library.  The primary contest for the 4th district seat has him facing off against Commissioner Wayne Tome. 

The former superintendent of schools noted that change is inevitable. It is up to the leadership and the community to have the vision and the strategy to responsibly direct change to ensure the best possible future for our children and grandchildren, as he outlined his goals for the county. 

Dr. Robert’s campaign web site at http://www.electcarlroberts.com/ is live and we’ll have a more detailed piece to supplement this headline announcement soon.


3 responses to “Headline News: Carl Roberts Seeks 4th District Commissioners Seat

  1. Crazy Old History Teacher

    OH GOD NO! Do you know all the trouble he caused CCPS!? We’re idiots if he gets elected!

  2. Hey Crazy Old, if you are going to make comments, please be specific. If you know, and are able, please share your wealth of creditable information. The world is ready for enlightenment…discuss matters in the open with authenticated facts.

  3. Crazy History Teacher

    Dr. Roberts was recognized a number of times for the innovations he brought to the school system and he was the Maryland supt. of the year in 2004-05. Peers, along with state and national organizations, made those determinations related to improving CCPS. We agree with Raoul, how about some facts please!

    He’s also the executive director of the state association.

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