Cecil Times: Bill Manlove Files Against Smigiel

From Cecil Times —-

It will be a battle between a man of few words and a man whose words never end when former Cecil County Commissioners Board President William (Bill) Manlove, of Earleville, files as a Democrat to run against incumbent Republican Michael Smigiel for the 36th District Delegate seat. Manlove will file his candidate and campaign finance committee papers in Annapolis on Friday, April 9.

   Manlove is scheduled to meet with influential state Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Michael Busch, in Annapolis. Speaker Busch is no fan of Smigiel and even contemplated throwing Smigiel, who is an attorney, off the House Judiciary Committee in 2009. (That gambit failed when another delegate, a Baltimore City Democrat, was also targeted for ouster but the powerful city Democrats protested, with the result that both committee members were allowed to keep their seats.)  Busch has a Democratic House slate fundraising organization that could help Manlove, who in the past has run low-budget local campaigns but will need to step up the fundraising to challenge Smigiel.

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One response to “Cecil Times: Bill Manlove Files Against Smigiel

  1. Manlove was a BAD County Commissioner and will suck as a Delegate.

    He’s being backed by Busche and friends, the most Liberal Power Brockers of any state next to California.

    Manlove is weak, not for Cecil residents. Go farm and stay out of politics ! Maybe if he wins he can continue to push the buddy system and get a position for Brian Lockhart and others.

    Bad decisions – He is a selfish liberal who is seeking more power !! RETIRE – go farm, enjoy your family and we’ll be better off.

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