Commissioner Storke to Enter Mayor’s Race

Reporting Live From the Town Hall —  

Elkton Town Hall, April 7, 2010 — In a brief town meeting, Commissioner Gary Storke announced that he will soon file as a candidate for mayor.  The two-term commissioner has established himself as a fiscal conservative on the town board searching for cost saving opportunities wherever possible.  In staking out this position he is often at odds with Mayor Fisona and Commissioner Jablonski.  

Cecil Whig editorial


 During one particularly intense period involving cost overruns on a number of projects and unclear purchasing practices, the Cecil Whig published an editorial on the need to reign in cost.  The editor said that we need more elected officials keeping a careful watch on spending and acting to reign in government spending.  While noting what Gary had done to figure out why  costs were out of control on a computer project, the paper concluded that “We need more government watch dogs like Gary Storke.  He’s to be commended for his committment to the public’s trust.”  

This election season is going to be one of the most competitive in memory. Gary’s entry into the race will make it a three way contest. Mayor Fisona is seeking reelection and Elkton business owner Wes Walker has filed. Wes is running on a platform of revitalizing the struggling downtown and two-term Mayor Fisonia made revitalization a significant part of his earlier campaigns.  So far three people have also filed for the two commissioners seats and the deadline for filing is still a month away. All the candidates were at the town meeting.  


Publisher’s Note:  We’re planning to cover the town election extensively and will seek interviews with each candidate so readers of the blog will have information from each officer-seeker.  We’ll also publish any press releases the campaigns want to provide so citizens can stay informed.


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