Cecil Co. Tea Party Draws Hundreds of Enthusiastic Supporters

Elkton, April 17, 2010 — A mid-day tea party rally drew hundreds of supporters to a vacant lot on Route 40 next to McDonalds in Elkton.  On this cool Saturday, the passionate audience, waving flags and carrying signs, listened to talks about excessive government growth, spending, taxation, redistribution of the wealth, and much more.  Lots of people came and went, but we estimate the crowd to be about 300 when we arrived at 11:45.  Out on the highway, another couple of dozen supporters lined Route 40 brandishing signs for passing motorists while traffic slowed and horns tooted.        

The gathering was full of politicians and office-seekers showing their support for the tea party movement and plugging their candidacies.  Republican  dominated that group, by far.  But we were told  that two Democrats made a brief appearance, President Brian Lockhart and Commissioner Wayne Tome, who is seeking  reelection in a race that pits him against former school superintendent Dr. Carl Roberts.       

The new media crowd was also busy working the assembly, making sure news of the event got out and getting politicians to commit to positions.  The bloggers from Cecil County Spending:  Taxed Enough Already were taping interviews with county commissioners.  When they talked to Commissioner Jim Mullin, they asked him if he was going to vote to raise taxes this year and he clearly said no.  We’ll keep an eye out for video of those interviews over on their site.  Two candidates for town office were also present, Wes Walker, who is seeking the mayor’s seat, and Joe Ulrich who is seeking to be elected a commissioner in Elkton.       

By 1:00 p.m. people were slowly drifting away from the rally that had caused hundreds to gather on a Saturday to urge government to rein in spending       

Protestors along Route 40 waving flags and signs.


7 responses to “Cecil Co. Tea Party Draws Hundreds of Enthusiastic Supporters

  1. Just wondering if these ‘protesters’ had legal permission to be on that vacant lot next to McDonalds. Trespassing is not the act of a ‘patriot.’ Last time I was at Big elk, there were signs against solicitation or trespassing, ‘customers only.’

  2. Lousie:

    Not sure. The event seemed organized so I would think they wouldn’t risk getting moved off the property mid-way through the event they’d invested tine in putting together. They had their music, the tent from Courch’s Funeral Home, the speakers, information tables, etc. Some planning and promotion went into this.

    It was also were well attended by local Republican office-holders or candidates. Nearly all (if not all) was there. The Democrats were slightly represented. I didn’t see one of them, thoug I arrived 45-mintues after it started. I was informed that Wayne Tome and Brian Lockhart had been there prior to my arrival.

    The Young Republicans were present. In terms of advcoacy for public policy issues they support, they were going diligently and professionally about their work.

  3. Ron Lobos, the organizer of the event, had permission from the landowner to be on the property.

  4. . . . .and yes Commissioners Tome and Lockhart were there. I commend them for attending.

  5. Ted: Thanks for the event updates.

  6. The Cecil County Republican Central Committee sponsored the voter registration table. There were no GOP advertisements so that it would be a bi-partisan effort.

  7. I would like to say for the record, every Democratic and Republican candidate and office holder was personally invited by me. Although one of the parties may beg to differ, this is a non-partisan event and members of both parties were given equal considerations. Regardless of party, anyone who attended should be commended for their concern of the people. It should also be noted that our federally elected officials, Sen. Ben Cardin, Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Cong. Frank Kratovil elected not to participate (they were all personally invited).
    Ron Lobos (Tea Party Organizer)

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