Press Release: Storke Enters Elkton Mayor’s Race

Press Release —–

Elkton, MD. April 19, 2010 – Stressing the need to make carefully thought out decisions for Elkton taxpayers, C. Gary Storke, a two-term town commissioner, recently announced his candidacy for mayor. “Building a stronger community by tackling the growing problems confronting the county seat and making sure our decisions are financially sound will be the theme of my campaign,” Storke emphasized. “As a well rounded candidate, I am committed to bettering Elkton. The decisions the Mayor and Commissioners make affect the taxpayers so we must manage our budget responsibly, while we make sure we get value for our expenditures.”

Cecil Whig Says We Need More Elected Leaders Like Storke

A Cecil Whig editorial about the need to rein in government spending, complimented Storke in 2008 for keeping a close watch on taxpayer money. In editorializing about an instance where a project ran way over budget without any accountability, the Whig’s wrote: “We need more government watchdogs like Gary Storke. He’s to be commended for his commitment to the public’s trust.”

The lifetime resident of the town is a 1960 graduate of Elkton High School. He served as a sergeant in the National Guard for ten-years and worked for the Acme Markets for 37-years, retiring in 1998. He is married to Deborah Stanley Storke and they have two children and two grandchildren. Deborah’s father was a two term mayor.

The candidate is a strong believer in community volunteerism. With over forty years as a member of Singerly Fire Company, he served the company in many positions, including president and chair of the building committee during a period of major expansion. His daughter, Mollie Graham, continues the family’s volunteer fire service tradition. She is a paramedic and board member with Singerly. As a founding director of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation, the commissioner oversaw important start-up projects when the preservation project was created. His memberships include the Elkton United Methodist Church, the Historical Society of Cecil County, the 29th Division Association, and the American Legion.

Reflecting on the challenges for the municipality, he remarked: “I am running at this time because I know the difference between needs and wants. I will make sure we can afford something, without taxing everyone out of town.” As a community volunteer and two-term commissioner, I possess the needed knowledge of the town and its government. I have always done my homework on the issues facing us, and I am committed to improving our community. I will work for responsible growth and the delivery of efficient government services.”

As he starts his campaign, Storke emphasized, “I feel our town government can do a better job for all of us. I will work toward that purpose, bettering the community for everyone. When I make a promise, I will follow through, and I have the courage to standby by convictions. The support he has received from so many citizens who have offered their encouragement and ideas has been so encouraging. He asks citizens for their vote in the election.


2 responses to “Press Release: Storke Enters Elkton Mayor’s Race

  1. We need to vote them ALL out. When the likes of Jimmy Crouse (do you remember the property deal for the Town Hall and Crouses best friend) and Bobby Alt (special deals for developers) support you, it time to say no. Joe and Givenes also need to go. Mary Joe should have been dealt with through the Ethics Commission. Shame on anyone who votes for anyone currently on the Board.

  2. Chief:

    Thanks for surfing over to post your opinion.

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