Commissioners Quickly Dismiss Public This Evening

Elkton Town Hall, April 21, 2010 — Fifteen minutes after Mayor Fisona called the meeting to order, the public business was over as the commissioners went behind closed doors to discuss the police labor contract.  Since the doors to the meeting room were closed to citizens, people drifted away as the officials continued with their evenings works.


2 responses to “Commissioners Quickly Dismiss Public This Evening

  1. Elaine Barclay

    Thanks Mike, for trying to give us some information. I hope politics in Elkton becomes more open after the election.

  2. Thanks Elaine. Hopefully Elkton government does become more open. I’ve watched them over the past couple of years make it harder and harder for citizens to share their thoughts and know what’s going on. It’s not helpful for good government and its actually not helpful for the politicians. It just causes much more trouble for them. Look at the lawsuits that they’ve had to handle

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