Two-thirds of the Candidates for Commissioner Missing in Whig Article

Elkton, April 21, 2010 —  We’re pleased to see the Cecil Whig getting around to providing some coverage of local government affairs in Elkton and the upcoming May 25th election.  But when the paper reported today that the incumbent, Mary Jo Jablonski, was the only one to file for a commissioners seat they missed two-thirds of the candidate pool.  Two other people have filed, as reported on the town web site and this blog.  That information is also widely known around Elkton.  Charles V. Hicks, V, and Joseph Ulrich are the citizens seeking a chance to become a town commissioner.

Political circles were astir today with rumors that another widely respected candidate is getting ready to jump into the race.  This election is going to prove to be one of the most contested and most competitive in years.  Some of this comes about because the town board has been involved in many controversial decisions lately and settled a number of lawsuits.

Having a viable pool of candidates out campaigning for office provides citizens with choices.  As a citizen journalism site seeking to fill the content gap in local political coverage, especially as we focus on the “411 of the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton,” we see the importance of covering municipal affairs first-hand and digging into stories a little more  than what the politicans hand out as statements.  Thus we’re going to be focused on covering the town election.  We’ll be pleased to publish candidate press releases and statements and will try to get interviews, with follow-up questions, from all the candidates. 

Meanwhile in making sure that the candidate pool is widely known, we want to provide correct information.  Once again, here’s the officially registered list of candidates from the town as of this afternoon:

The following have declared their candidacy for the Office of Mayor:

Joseph L. Fisona (Incumbent)

C. Gary Storke

Wesley Walker

The following have declared their candidacy for the Office of Commissoner:

Charles Hicks, V

Mary Jo Jablonski (Incumbent)

Joseph Ulrich


5 responses to “Two-thirds of the Candidates for Commissioner Missing in Whig Article

  1. Capt. Factchecker

    Your repeated references to citizens requires a correction. Towns, cities, counties and states have residents. Only nations bestow citizenship.
    And isn’t it true that the author of this blog is an active participant in one of these mayoral campaigns?
    Put all your cards on the table, Mr. Dixon.

  2. Hey you would think the Whig would correct a big mistake like that. At least we know who they support.

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  4. Capt Factchecker:

    Thanks for surfing over to post your thoughts with Someone Noticed. Always glad to have readers and our numbers are way up these days.

    I pulled my valuable OED off the shelf (that’s not the Official Elkton dictionary) and found that one definition of a ctizen is an inhabitant of a town or city. Works for me, but whatever the case a minor point. Think of it, I was almost ready to retire my Oxford English Dictionary.

    On your other point, once the deadline has passed, we’ll publish our editorial opinion, but it’s a little early to come out with nearly two weeks to go before the filing deadline.

    We also seek to write our news pieces as straight news stories, just covering the facts. When it’s an editorial with our opinion, we let people know too.

    As for helping the candidates, we’re out talking to many of them, since that’s a great way to get the news. We’re going to cover the election in detail and will publish whatever press releases candidates want to offer, since there is such a critical need to fill the gap for local information on the town election.

    Anyway, thanks Factchecker. Glad to have you as a regular reader. Lots of coverage of all the candidates is good as is a healthy discussion about those seeking election.

  5. Fred: I know the Whig gets blasted on that point, but I really don’t think that’s the case. How they could make an error like that is beyond me and certianly fuels the rumors one hears around town. But still I don’t think they did that to try to slant record, but I sure can’t explain how they could miss such an imporant element.

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