Whig Gets Thumbs Down for Reporting That Commissioner Jablonski is Only Candidate

Commentary ——

In the finest tradition of the Cecil Whig editorial page, the one where the paper gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down on matters that have their attention, Someone Noticed has awarded a thumbs down to the newspaper.  To give readers some idea of how this works, the daily gave a thumbs down  to a report that people playing brain games on computers don’t get any smarter.  The fact that we’ll face fewer Japanese beetles this year, got a thumbs up.

Here’s our thumbs down.  We were absolutely astonished to read an incorrect report in a Whig this week stating that the incumbent, Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski, was the only candidate to file for town commissioner in the upcoming election.  Two other people were running when the story was filed, as the town web site reported to anyone curious enough to surf over that way.

Those two candidates, Charles Hicks and Joe Ulrich, are out working hard for the election and we’re pleased to have a pool of viable candidates for voter consideration.  To help with that process, it’s critical the local newspaper properly report at least this basic information for readers.  Since this is so important for the two candidates and for residents of the town, we thought the newspaper would correct the mistake.  It has not as of today’s edition. 

The Whig gets a thumbs down.


5 responses to “Whig Gets Thumbs Down for Reporting That Commissioner Jablonski is Only Candidate

  1. Mike, I second your “thumbs down” to the Cecil Whig. This sort of selective reporting creates conflict and confusion. It makes you wonder what agenda the Cecil Whig has.

  2. Good job of keeping an eye on the Whig. Hope the other candidates demand a correction.

  3. Thanks Elaine. You’re right this sor of conflicting and confusing reporting just hurts everyone. Mistakes happen and that’s understandbly, but this was such a large oversight. Then not to correct it immediately!

  4. Louise:

    Thanks. Both candidates were in touch with the Whig immediately so I thought for sure subscribers would see a correction on such a big oversight the next day. What they have done is give both candidates interviews so I suppose the thinking is that by publishing a standard news article on the two individuals, that’ll correct the matter. But I still haven’t seen those articles and still I think you should correct the oversight in the introductory article. It sure messs up the historical record months or years from now as people go to our newspaper of record for the facts.

  5. The Whig finally got around to running articles on the other two candidates over the past few days. They’d reported that Commmissioner Mary Jo Jablonski was the only candidate for a commissioners seat. When Jim Crouse filed they reported that. And then this week they covered the two that had filed by the time they wrote their news piece.

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