At Elkton Library, May 19th: Using Social Media to Reach More Customers

The central library in Elkton has an interesting program coming up on using social media to reach more customers on May 19th.  It will be a valuable program for businesses, nonprofits, and office-seekers.  The office-seekers should find it particularly of interest at this time since so many of them are using facebook and other social networking sites for the first time.  Here’s the full description and the link is below.  Check it out for it’ll be helpful for the small business too.

May 19, 2010 7:00pm — Using Social Media to Reach More Customers: How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Stand Out in Their Local Marketplace Elkton Central Branch – 410-996-5600 ext. 481 Learn how to get your favorite customers talking to you. Marketing today is all about relationships and presenter Josue Sierra will discuss how to reach customers in today’s web-driven world. He will also discuss how to use Facebook to showcase your products for FREE and how people are researching products and finding service providers online

Click here for more information


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