Letter to the Editor: Keeping Plans Behind Closed Doors and Not Listening to the Public in Elkton

Letter to the Editor From Joan F. Rooney, April 30, 2010


I attended the tea party April 17 and was thrilled by the attendance there. But before the November elections, let us give some thought to the local Elkton elections.

It seems as if Mayor Fisona of Elkton is taking lessons from the president by citing a new practice as he referred to it, of keeping some of his plans behind closed doors and not listening to the public opinions of his constituents.

Another anointed one? Elect me to office, but don’t knock on my closed door to ask me what I’m doing. I know what’s best for the residents of Elkton. This was objected to by Commissioner Givens who wanted to hear from the residents but was shut down by the mayor.

Then there is Commissioner Jablonski, who suggested that the vote on the increase of nearly 60 percent on the water utility rates be postponed until after the May elections. That was agreed upon by all of the Elkton commissioners.

Could it be because she is also running for re-election?

I always thought that Mary Jo was working for the residents of Elkton.

It seems as if Commissioner Storke is the only one with any backbone who has stood up to the mayor and other commissioners. He and Debby are long-time residents of Elkton and have served this town extremely well.

If you do not get out and vote you have nothing to complain about and I for one will not listen to you.


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