Watershed Chronicle: The End of at Era at the Cecil Whig

From the Watershed Chronicle —–

It has come to my attention, through a variety of ways, that the Cecil Whig, a publication that has been around for the better part of 170 years, will no longer be printed locally.  Interestingly enough, rumors were swirling about the changes days before official  word came down, which might explain why the Cecil Whig website posted a piece by Publisher David Fike on late Friday or early Saturday morning, the day after the news was revealed to Elkton employees,  likely as a means of trying to control those rumors.  Unfortunately, because of the paywall that exists on the Whig’s site, you can’t access anything other than the first two paragraphs, which only shows some catch phrases like “evolving our overall business model”, and “a need to scale back spending to fit today’s economy.”  Perhaps the rest of the piece might have been a little more optimistic, but I wouldn’t know because of the paywall.  Internet Awareness 101, right there folks.  A chance to frame what is a pretty important announcement about the County’s paper of record, but the casual citizen of Cecil County can’t even read it.  What was that about evolving?  Of course, I’m sure it will be on Monday’s front page, so you can always read it there while waiting in line for coffee at Wawa.

Article Continues on Watershed Chronicle


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