Elkton Alliance to Sponsor a Meet the Candidates Forum at Monthly Luncheon

From the Elkton Alliance & Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page

Elkton Chamber & Alliance Meet the Candidates for the Town of Elkton Election on Monday, May 10th at Bentleys Restaurant. All Candidates that have filed for the Election have been invited to attend. There are three filed for the Mayor’s seat (Mayor Joe Fisona, Gary Storke, & Wes Walker) and 4 have filed for two open Commissioner seats (Jim Cro…use, Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski, Charles Hicks, & Joe Ulrich). There will be a brief question and answer with each of the Candidates to give the voters a chance to learn more about the contenders. $12 for Members of the Elkton Chamber & Alliance and $15 for Non-members.


4 responses to “Elkton Alliance to Sponsor a Meet the Candidates Forum at Monthly Luncheon

  1. Elkton brownbagger

    Hey Mary Jo heads that group. That will be real fair. Not that many voters can go on a work day and buy lunch at Bentley’s so I guess it don’t matter that much. Back to my brown bag lunch.

  2. Elkton Brown-Bagger. Enjoy your brown-bag lunch. You raise a valid point about the need to hold a forum when most voters could attend, not just members of the local chamber/alliance.

    And you also raise the point about a fair event. Commissioner Jablonski is the executive director of the sponsoring organization, so they have a major interest in seeing that she gets relected. I think most people around town recognize that matter. So hopefully the organization makes some arrangements to assure that its meeting gives each candidate a balanced chance to present his or her argument. Probably the best way to do that is to get someone not affiliated with the organization to moderate the event, since the organization also has an interest in seeing that Commissiner Jablonski gets reelected since the town of Elkton is their primary funding source.

  3. When I was at the Elkton Chamber and we had a candidates luncheon meeting it would be an open meeting and everyone could attend and not have to buy a lunch. We had many concerned citizens attend those meetings.

  4. Thanks Joan for letting readers know about that. It would be helpful to have a broader exposure for the candidates, since special interest groups tend to focus on their goals and objectives, which is natural. But many people will be interested in a broader array of issues.

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