News Flash: Wes Walker Withdraws from Elkton Mayor’s Race

News Flash —–

Wes Walker, one of the candidates for mayor, withdrew from the Elkton mayor’s race before the filing deadline passed today.  That leaves two office-seekers for the top seat, Joseph Fisona and Gary Storke.

Here’s the list of candidates for open seats in Elkton, now that the deadline has passed.


Office of Mayor:

Joseph L. Fisona (Incumbent)

C. Gary Storke

Office of Commissoner (two seats open)

James G. Crouse

Charles Hicks, V

Mary Jo Jablonski (Incumbent)

Joseph Ulrich


5 responses to “News Flash: Wes Walker Withdraws from Elkton Mayor’s Race

  1. Elaine Barclay

    Thanks Mike for keeping us updated. I read that there will be a candidate forum and I know that the Whig has given us some info regarding the candidates. I am wondering if there is a place where we can read about the candidates and do some “comparison shopping”. I would like to be able to make my decision based on some idea of what each candidate is offering, what are their goals, their plans?

  2. Elaine:

    The Alliance is sponsoring a lunchtime forum at Bentley’s Rest., but otherwise I don’t think anyone has planned anything. Wes Walker was talking about one on a Saturday, where many more voters would have an opportunity to attend since it wasn’t on a workday and guest wouldn’t have to purchase a meal. An independent one with those types of arrangements made a lot of sense to us, but I suspect that’s been dropped.

    We’re going to try to get Q & A type interviews with each candidate so they can outline the major issues and we’ll just pass that along as a regular news story. At least it’ll give voters some idea.

    In addition, we’ll post any press release candidates want to issue, and just identify them as that. Hopefully each candidate will make some formal statements in that way since people do need to know about them.

  3. Good job, Mike, on checking the roster of candidates at the filing deadline. Maybe the Whig will get around to it in the next millenium. Any word on the reasons for pulling out? Seems to be a bit of that going around these days.

  4. Cecil Times:

    Just got an interview with Wes Walker. He says he’s putting his support behind Mayor Fisona. That with the other two in the race, he was splitting the vote and thus felt that Joe Fisona was best. When asked to explain, he said he wants a fiscal conservative in office since Gary is in favor of raising taxes. Those are the primary points he made and we’ll get out a full story on this shortly.

    Having watched the town board in action, carefully, for a couple of years, we’ve never seen so many people claiming to be fiscal conservatives. Something has changed from the board we were watching not all that long ago! We’re going to do a Cecil Times style and quality report where we dig into the facts such as getting the actual tax rate and constant yield rates over the past 8-years, the utility rates, etc., and see what the data shows. We’ll also check the official record to determine how they voted on these issues. That data-driven report should be helpful for Elkton voters, since we’re going to need lots of fact-checking in this election to determine which claims are supported to some degree by facts.

    Keep up the excellent reporting on your end. As a voter concerned about civic and political affairs and no place else to turn for the deeper more insightful reporting we appreciate the stories Cecil Times has been filing lately.


  5. We get any more fiscal conservatives running for office, they’re going to put the teabaggers right out of business since they’ve been so carefully with the taxpayers dollars! Wonder what the record shows on what was actually done?

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