Storke Becomes Latest Candidate to Use Social Media to Reach Voters

Commissioner Gary Storke became the latest candidate to add social media outreach to his campaign when the mayoral hopeful launched a Facebook page.   Earlier he’d rolled out a blog.  With this addition to the World Wide Web all Elkton candidates have a presence on the web except for Charles Hicks and if that situation changes we’ll let readers know.  

These new media products, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and much more allow office-holders and candidates to reach voters directly, bypassing the traditional outlet for reaching the citizenry in Cecil County, print media.  Especially these days when our legacy media publishers aren’t providing as much local news coverage, it allows candidates to communicate directly and share his or her message.

At the county level some advocacy groups, such as the Young Republicans, demonstrated the ability to leverage the power of social media and they also use it as a virtual gathering place for those wanting to communicate directly with them.  

Four years ago, we largely had traditional campaigns in Cecil County.  Those hopefuls were out waving signs, distributing flyers, purchasing newspaper ads, and attending rallies.  Most of them had static web sites to support the field-work.  In comparison, this is an enormous shift in the way politicians and advocacy groups reach the public.    While a candidate would not want to rely solely on this tool, it will only grow as others see the value of direct outreach at virtually no cost since the traditional marketing methods have shrinking audience share.


One response to “Storke Becomes Latest Candidate to Use Social Media to Reach Voters

  1. We’re going to be seeing more and more of this kind of thing. Newspaper readership is consistently trending downward, even with the recent slight good news about the slowing of the revenue drop offs. It says something about the state of an industry when a 10% drop in year to year revenue is actually positive news. There are an increasing group of newspaper execs who insist that the circulation declines aren’t all bad because some of them were self-inflicted cost savings measures, but I’ve seen a few self-inflicted circulation cuts first hand over the years, and I can tell you, the results of which on the overall business is never good.

    Politicians are an interesting case study in new media and communication as they will, perhaps more quickly than any other group, find new ways to reach people where there are. If they are moving away from traditional media outlets, that’s a pretty good sign that the majority of the audience they want to reach aren’t being served by the old ways anymore.

    I wrote a little about the failings of the media a couple days ago over on my blog, specifically about the Nashville floods. There was actually a website called the Fugly Horse of the Day Blog that had some pretty interesting info on the efforts to rescue stranded horses in the region, days before the mainstream press caught on to story. To me, they come off as out of touch, and in this day and age of instantaneous communication, a day late and a dollar short isn’t going to cut it.

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