New York Times: Therapies to Soothe All Four Legs

From the New York Times

Horse whispering? Too loud. Some top-level racehorse owners and trainers, seeking to heal injuries or keep their animals in top condition, use equine telepaths as psychic diagnosticians.

It is just one of the alternative therapies with which racehorses are plied to keep them happy, healthy and, hopefully, fast. The popularity of alternative medicine among humans and the sophistication of sports medicine are reflected in the barn, according to trainers, veterinarians, riders and breeders. Stricter rules about which drugs are permissible for horses, and advances in drug-testing methods may also have increased the use of alternative treatments.

“We would like what’s best for the horse, however we get there isn’t the point,” said Kathleen M. Anderson, a veterinarian and an equine acupuncturist at Equine Veterinary Care.

The clinic is at Fair Hill Training Center in Elkton, Md., a complex of more than a dozen racing barns about 50 miles from Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, where the Preakness Stakes will be run Saturday. The center is most notable for being a home of Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner who broke down in the Preakness.

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