Elkton Appears to be Finally Ready to Ink a Contract With FOP

News Brief

Elkton Town Hall, May 14, 2010 – After a long period of back and forth over labor contract terms, the Mayor and Commissioners and Elkton Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) appear to be ready to sign off on a collective bargaining agreement.   Talks broke down earlier so an independent arbitrator, retired Baltimore City Judge John Glynn, had to listen to arguments from both sides and render a decision.  One of the sticking points, a defined benefit pension plan is included, along with other terms, which weren’t revealed to the public at the workshop.  Mayor Fisona polled board members to see where they stood on the contract and most of the elected officials indicated they were okay with the terms.  The matter will come up May 19th for an official vote.

Elkton’s officers first won the right to collective bargaining with binding arbitration in 2004.  Approval for this type of arrangement had to go before the voters and the mayor lead a challenge to turn back the FOP’s right to collective bargaining with binding arbitration.  But, despite the challenge, which included paid newspaper advertisements, the residents of Elkton approved binding arbitration for the rank and file of the police force.

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