Mayor & Commissioners Consider Ordinance that Authorizes Board to Give Financial Credits

News Brief

Elkton Town Hall, May 14, 2010 — A draft ordinance that will permit the mayor and commissioners to give financial credits for water and sewer connections was on the agenda.  The revision of the ordinance is related to a court case, which the mayor and commissioners are facing after making a controversial decision that provided financial credits for a downtown development. Noting the need to revise the current ordinance town administrator Lewis George said, one of the issues with the present code is that it didn’t grant the board the authority to bring credits.  The changed language will make it clear that the board has the right to provide financial credits related to the major utility hook ups.

As the town officials conferred over the document, the audience inquisitively looked on.  Noting the opportunity to provide insight for the public, Commissioner Piner said to the town administrator,  “Everyone is probably wondering what’s going on.  Would you read the document for them.”   Commissioner Givens joined in saying, “I was going to ask the same question.  Let’s start projecting  things we’re working on so the audience can follow along.”  The exchange between the two commissioners and the administrator continued for a few moments as they reinforced the point about sharing information with the public.

After the board completed its examination of the document,  the Mayor instructed Lewis George to present the ordinance for introduction at the May 19th commissioners meeting.


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