Watershed Chronicle: Are Local Papers Really in Trouble & Can Google Save the Day

From Watershed Chronicle —-

Over the past few weeks in this area, we’ve seen our local newspaper suffer the indignity of modern corporate publishing, that is being cut back like an out of control hedgerow to better service other parts of the company.  I’ve been accused of attacking this company through my pieces and the information I’ve presented, but that’s not entirely true.  To be certain, I disagree with some of the decisions, namely the closing of a printing plant, and have criticized it, but only on strictly business terms.  To me, it makes much more sense, if you’re going to have a commercial printing facility actively seeking outside work, to have that facility in this area with its close geography to significantly more possible business than to have it in Easton, far afield of the population bases we can easily access up here.  But that being said, as much as we don’t like it here, we as a community need to accept that the Cecil Whig isn’t a locally owned and operated publication anymore.  It is one of a cluster of publications that is managed outside of the County.  To expect decisions related to their business to be made simply for the best results for Cecil County is unfair and unrealistic.

Article continues on Watershed Chronicle


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