Press Release: Patterson Pledges Vote to Cut Sales Tax on MD Working Families

  Press Release From Ted Patterson, Candidate for House of Delegates (District 34 B)

I want to pledge to the citizens of Cecil County that I will never vote to increase sales taxes.  I understand the struggles that working-class families face during tough economic times–and that’s why I won’t support fleecing our workers just to fund more government programs.  We need to cut sales taxes to help grow local, small businesses and increase the purchasing power of individuals.  I want to make Maryland the home of economic freedom so that our citizens can prosper and succeed in a place where opportunity flourishes.  Currently, Cecil County unemployment rates are the highest they’ve been in over a decade.  Last February, Cecil County unemployment ranked higher than any other surrounding county in our region.  Sadly, my opponent agrees with sales tax increases.  Mr. Rudolph voted in support of language expanding the sales tax to computer services in Maryland. Taxing technology out of our state is a recipe for economic disaster.  The last thing we should do is increase the cost for people to access technology and vital computer services they need to compete in today’s job market.  I use computers every day and I realize the opportunities that technology provides to people.  By taxing computer services for the sole purpose of raising government revenue we are waving good-bye to Maryland high-tech companies such as Northrop Grumman Corporation–who recently announced that they will be moving their headquarters and hundreds of jobs to northern Virginia.  Let’s keep jobs here and create more while we’re at it.


Theodore A. Patterson


House of Delegates (District 34B)

Click here to visit Ted’s Web Site


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