Horizon Blog: The Sun is Rising on Citizen Journalism in Cecil County

From the Horizon Blog ——

Over the years, we’ve all relied on the media to package and distribute the information that’s important to us and affects our daily lives.  Make no mistake, they’ve been well compensated for their trouble.  But times change, and technology has advanced to the point where you, I or anyone has the exact same ability to report on what we see in our everyday lives.  We’ve seen the kinds of impact this has had on the media, with people leaving the information channels of yesterday (newspapers, local television and radio) behind in droves.  When, in this day and age, we can share our own stories amongst ourselves, why should we depend on a local paper to send a reporter out to collect this information from us, repackage it and sell it back to us?  Well, we shouldn’t, and in increasing numbers, we aren’t.

I’ve spent the biggest part of the past decade and a half working in print.  I love print.  It’s a great medium and a lot of fun to work in.  But I like the way vinyl records sound, too.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have an iPod.  I’m starting the Upper Shore Horizon because, like many of you, I have become tired of the way things used to be done when so much more is possible.  There are so many possibilities for great things online, yet our long-standing media has been behind the curve at every turn.  The web, to many of them, is little more than an annoyance that has done considerable damage to their once precious bottom line.  Or worse yet, it’s an excuse for failing to react to changes in how we all communicate today and into the future.  The days where we get all of the important information from the daily paper are gone, and, no matter how much some would like it to, those days aren’t returning.

Article Continues on the Horizon Blog


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