Fisona Relected for 3rd Term, While Jablonski and Hicks Win the Commissioners Seats

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Joe Fisona has won a 3rd term as mayor of Elkton with 517 votes. His opponent Gary Storke had 451.

For commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski (531 votes) and Chuck Hicks won (497). 

Jim Crouse received 490 votes and Joe Ulrich had 216 votes.


29 responses to “Fisona Relected for 3rd Term, While Jablonski and Hicks Win the Commissioners Seats

  1. Thanks for being on top of the breaking news. We appreciate your devotion to promptly reporting the local happenings.

    • Scotty:

      Thanks. Since there is so little news about what goings on with governmental affairs in Elkton and that trend is continuing, we’re getting ready to roll out a new product, E-Span. It’ll be TV news style coverage of the mayor and commissioners, using actual official video and tape interview of governmental affairs. We think the public will find that to be valuable as we seek to present fair and balanced coverage. As an old repoter once said, just get the quotes right. The politicians will take care of the rest

  2. Someone Else Noticed

    The citizens of Elkton should rejoice with this huge win. The town finally has a board that will move forward in a positive fashion. This major win illustrates that the “good ol’ boy” system in local town politics is a thing of the past!!!

    • Somoene Else Noticed: Thanks for sharing your opinion on the outcome. On one point we completley agree, Elkton is so in need of fresh, innovative ideas and approaches. The new commissioner hopefully will bring some of that to the board.

  3. Crazy Old History Teacher

    Way to go Elkton, you’ve once again made a poor decision! Well, I guess when you vote [comment edited by Someone Noticed]! When the town of Elkton goes bankrupt and there’s no money left, you can thank Joe Fisona, Mary Jo Jablonski, and the FOP!

    • To Crazy Old History Teacher
      You are wise and you got the history right. And about going bankrupt mark my words we’ll be paying for the FOP pensions.

    • Crazy History Teacher: As you’ll note, we edited some of your remarks. The election had more than enough personality type attacks, wjo;e ritical analysis and talk about public policy or back and forth opinion exchanges about the substantial issues such as revitalization and the cost of government were virtually non-existent. Strong opinionated pieces are fine, but we’d encourage eveyrone to knock off the personal attacks. There was enough of that going on over on the social networking sites such as FB and some of it on the sites of nonprofits that are not supposed to play a part in politics.

      Share some of your thoughts about public policies and challenges those critically, if you like.

  4. Whatever your opinion of the winners and losers, it was great to see that nearly 1,000 people voted in this election. Four years ago, when Joe Fisona won by a “landslide,” the vote was around 200 to 100.

  5. Chuck DeSocio

    Congratulations to Elkton voters and residents who got it right this past Tuesday in Re-Electing Mayor Joe Fisona. The voters once again saw through the smoke and mirrors campaign style of Gary Storke. Gary tried to pass off every lie he could in desperation to get elected Mayor. In the end he had no ideas for the direction of the town. Mr. Storke engaged in a campaign of misinformation. He insinuated that the FOP endorsement to Mayor Fisona was somehow given in exchange for the approval of the pension plan even though he himself voted in favor of it. It was in fact a unanimous decision by the board. The voters saw through this because they know Joe to be a person of integrity who makes carefully thought out decisions for the benefit of all residents. He also lied to the voters about Joe’s record on taxes. He outright stated that Joe had raised taxes and planned on raising taxes again even though the truth was that Joe lowered taxes. He tried to paint Joe as a tax and spender when in reality Joe is a fiscal conservative. Hopefully in future elections the town will have serious candidates with big ideas and positive messages like Mayor Fisona’s. Elkton voters should be excited about the direction of the town in the next four years because once again we’ve wrested control of our town from the special interests with a “more of the same” agenda and we aren’t going to give it back. With an administration including Commissioner Jablonski newly elected Commissioner Hicks and Mayor Fisona in the lead residents can rest easy knowing that we have a board of smart people with big ideas for a positive direction for our town. Congratulations to Elkton on our victory!

    • Chuck:

      The two mayoral candidates waged vigorous campaigns, but, as a few others have noted here, the election is now over. It’s time for the victors and their campaign workers to get on with things. For the elected leadership, they’ll need to move on with the public policy programs they advocated.

      We believe both men have integrity and suggest that whatever we think about either one of them as far as leadership, public policy, and municipal governace the challenging of their integrity is not a good thing, especially for one directly involved in the campaign.

      Someone Noticed definitely has a different opinion about fiscal responsibility, than the one you posted here. But differences in opinion focused on governmental initiatives are something that’s allowed in a civil discussion. But since the election is over and the voters decided we’ll not go into it again.

      It’s over and going through the debates again, especially when it moves beyond public matters and challenges integrity isn’t productive.

      The voting record going forward will establish the facts.

  6. Congrats to Joe, Mary Jo, and Chuck. Congrats to Gary, Jim, and Joe for their efforts.
    Hopefully our newly elected officials will keep their fiscal conservative positions and not raise our water and sewer rates!!!

  7. Chuck DeSocio

    Bob Gorman

    actually the voter turnout four years ago was much higher. It was closer to 800 in 2006
    so that’s 2 straight elections with a higher than expected voter turnout. Hopefully
    with population increase and high voter interest this trend will continue. The most important election a voter can participate in is on the local level because local government affects people the most. More residents should be encouraged to participate in the process. I hope we see 2000 votes in 2014 and an increasingly energized local electorate in the elections to come that we still have this year.

  8. Mr. DeSocio, I do not lie and you are the one that needs to get your facts correct. I was required by Elkton charter to resign as commissioner in order to run for Mayor and I did NOT vote for the pension plan.
    Thank you for giving me credit for controlling the whole town for 8 yrs. by myself. Just want to remind you that I was 1 vote out of 5.
    What do you mean”wrested control” of the town. Joe has not had control for 8 yrs. and I don’t expect any change. I also will not “rest easy” with the “big ideas”.

  9. Everyone,

    The election is over. Let’s move on.

    Mr. Storke, although you and I have not always agreed, I do respect you and I respect your 8 years of public and community service. Thank you for your service.

    • Patrick: Thanks for your respectful remarks. Now that the election is over, such basic courtesy should be extended to all the candidates. There will be plenty of important public policy issues to debate in the future.

  10. Mike why can’t we all get to say our thoughts?

    • Was Hopeful:

      As long as remarks were reasonbly civil and somewhat on target we let people have thier say. It’s just that when they went to attack the person, which had absolutely nothing to do with the campaign, the candidate or the issues, that we blocked them.

      Whenever possible we edited out brief remarks that were inappropriate, but in the last day or so as things got heated we had to can a number of them. Of course in the era of social networking and web 2.0 products, they had other venues to post the materials we wouldn’t let go up.

      Anway that’s the reason. Most that said anything reasonable and not an outright attack were allowed to be posted.

      Critical pieces were definitely allowed, even those arguing with Someone Noticed.

  11. Mr. Storke. The election is over and the people have spoken. Stop whining about peoples opinions on your candidacy and let’s all move on. Every
    one has the right to their opinions. Good luck to u sir.

    • Fred Hicks:

      You’re correct the election is over and that’s way we were surprised to see a post election attack on Gary early this morning. Gary’s response just pointed out some basic errors in a statement that went beyond issues to personal matters. Candidates in any election and on either side should not have to deal with those sorts of things. It’s very counterproductive and not helpful when trying to argue real points so the public can decide.

      It’s not helpful to start those things and there have been several messages that we’ve had to delete today because of attacks.

      We’ll probably have to close this discussion and allow no more posts since I don’t think there are any more valid points that can be made. And we’re not going into deep personality assessments.

  12. While discussion is good stick to productive discussion points or add something constructive to the discussion. We’ve had to block a number of emails today. If minor editing would’ve improved them, we would’ve posted the item or deleted the offensive portion of the post. But that wasn’t the case and attacks just aren’t helpful as the town’s newly elected political leadership prepares to move forward and get on with the town business.

  13. Mike: I was a bit disappointed that your fine blog had cut off discussion of this timely election issue. But I will try to add some new thoughts to your excellent blog and, hopefully, they may stimulate a higher level of more serious discussion about the still-hard-to-believe outcome. It seems the new police dog, certainly a dues-paying, card carrying member of the local FOP, has taken a bit outta a certain part of the loser’s anatomy. But I hear there is a growing rumor on Elkton’s busy main street (and amidst the cardboard hovels clustered in the woods behind the ball diamonds) that a late surge of voting from the powerful “homeless army” was the true deciding factor in the last hour of voting on Tuesday. That is the only logical explanation for the shocking defeat of such a well-spoken, deep thinking, benevolent, all-caring challenger. His defeat is the entire country’s loss.

  14. Marilyn DeSocio

    To the citizens of Elkton and Cecil County and all interested parties:
    Facebook and other social networks are part of a “thing” called freedom of speech. Obama, as you know, was the first president to be on FB. I think it’s a great forum for the average Joe (no pun intended) to express their viewpoints. I am glad it brings more people into the process.

    • Marilyn: Good to hear from you. Web 2.0 products and social networking sites do let more civic discourse occur, without the limiations introducted by print media.

  15. Marilyn DeSocio

    Why do only a couple bloggers post a photo? And where are all the female bloggers? Just curious.

    • Marilyn: I’m not sure why more of the blogers don’t use photos. On Someone Noticed we should be using more, since the world is oriented toward digital imagery today.

  16. Crazy Old History Teacher


    • Old Teach:

      I think they’ve settled down now. It took them a couple of days after the election, but the post election swirl has settled down.

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