Examining the Elkton Election: One Reader Presents His Take On the Day

Now that the election is beginning to slowly fade into the past and the reasoned blog commentators have eased up, it’s time to examine the race.  A series of new dynamics were at play in Elkton as 932 citizens cast ballots.  The confluence of those elements are markers of changes that are occurring in the community.  We’ll take a look at this broad subject, doing a little data mining, conduct some interviews and get an article out over the next week.

A post by Zogloba presenting that readers unique take on the election and poking a little at Someone Noticed is what’s urging us to get on with the piece.  The reader notes that he was disappointed with we cut off discussion on the candidates, but adds that he’ll see if can stimulate the converation to reach a higher, more serious level.  The election had something to do with the police dog and the homeless is his analysis.  Understand that this anonymous commentator, we believe, is speaking with a little irony and gentle humor here. 

Z-reader mentioned the disappointment when we cut off the heated discussion.  Somone Noticed  always said we’d let critical comments go, including those criticizing us.  Pieces can be just a little edgy in keeping with the net, but we’ll not allow them to deteriorate into personal attacks on any individual.  All the candidates are good people and they ran their campaigns in unique ways reflecting their given styles and position on issues.  Competitive elections are good for the democratic process since we want the citizens to have choices at election time. That’s what keeps a balance in our system.

Meanwhile before others pickup on the Z-readers approach and the net gets cluttered with other whimsical pieces, we’ll try our hand at a little more serious, balanced piece to document the election of May 25th.

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3 responses to “Examining the Elkton Election: One Reader Presents His Take On the Day

  1. The guy that said that has it all wrong. No the ACLU and the homeless didn’t have anything To do with it. That ACLU isnt liked here and no one listens to them
    Their endorsement didn’t count at all. It was Storke opposing the FOP. That’s it.

  2. Fred

    The ACLU didn’t get involved in the Elkton election. Nor did the homeless, to my knowledge. When the Z-Man mentioned that, he was using a little humor about the current issues affecting the town, we suspect.

  3. Who said McGruff can’t take a bite out of crime?

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