Elkton June 2nd Town Meeting Has Important Public Policy Matters on Agenda

At the June 2 Elkton Town Meeting the Mayor and Commissioners have a number of important items on the agenda.   In addition to swearing-in Mayor Fisona for a third term and Commissioners Jablonski and Hicks, the board will take up several public policy related matters. 

  • Adopting an ordinance that gives the town authority to credit major facilities charged.  This regulation, which permits the town to provide financial credits for water and sewer hook-ups, was introduced at last the town meeting.  Presently the major utility connection fee is $15,000 for each hook-up.  This regulation specifically states that the town may grant credits and transfer those fee waivers to another property.   The matter of whether the town has the authority to transfer revenue generating credits from one property to another created enormous controversy in January and is the subject of a lawsuit filed by two Elkton taxpayers.  If approved, the new addition to the code will provide the authority for the municipality to waive fees.
  • Resolution concerning Building Codes –  Information on this resolution is not available as of this time.
  • Adoption of Fiscal Budget for 2011
  • Request by All American Sports Academy for Outdoor Concert Event

 —— Agenda From Town Web Site 

Mayor and Commissioners 

of the Town of Elkton 

Meeting Agenda 

June 2, 2010 

7:00 P.M. Call to Order – Mayor Joseph L. Fisona, Presiding 

Pledge of Allegiance 

Minutes of May 19, 2010 Meeting 

Financial Report 

Authorization for Disbursement of Funds – Accounts Payable 

Town Administrator’s Report 

• Ordinance 2-2010 – Crediting Major Facilities Charges – Presented for Adoption 

• Ordinance 3-2010 Fiscal Year 2011 Budget – Presented for Adoption 

• Resolution R4-2010 Building Codes 

Oath of Office administered to Mayor-elect Joseph Fisona 

by William L. Brueckman, Clerk of Circuit Court of Cecil County 

Oath of Office administered by Mayor Fisona 

Charles E. Hicks, V, Commissioner – elect 

Mary Jo Jablonski, Commissioner – re-elected 

Installation of Commissioners 

Severn Trent Environmental Services 

Water / Wastewater Treatment Services Report – Month of May 2010 

Request by Elkton United Methodist Church for Driveway Access to East High Street and Subsequent Relocation of Existing Parking Spaces 

Mr. David Strouss, McCrone Engineering 

Request by All American Sports Academy for Outdoor Concert Event July 18, 2010 

Mr. Charles Henze 

Report of Mayor 

Reports by Commissioners 

Public Comments 



One response to “Elkton June 2nd Town Meeting Has Important Public Policy Matters on Agenda

  1. One of the challenges in providing news about matters in Elkton, is that the municipality does not share draft documents or regualtions they’re working on. In the case of the two that are under consideration for this meeting, the public is only aware of what was said in the meeting. It would be helpful, as Commissioner Givens has pointed out, if they would allow the audience to view the documents by using presenting them on a screen. We’d also suggest they post them on their website. That way the public could provide constructive feedback on whats under consideration. We’re attempting to get drafts of the docs through Freedom of Information filings and if we get them in time, we’ll share the info.

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