Press Release from Ted Patterson for Delegate Campaign — Let’s Make Cecil County a Job Creator, Not a Job Exporter

Press Release From Ted Patterson for Delegate Campaign

When Governor O’Malley and my opponent Dave Rudolph supported in 2010 the passage of a Maryland state budget that was dependent on guarantees from the federal government and on robbing the counties–they chose the easy way out. They did not take into account one crucial question: what if federal money to supplement state programs is not available next year? Instead of proactive planning we are given a culture of reaction and distraction. Instead of cutting spending to live within our means we are left with passing the buck and deflecting responsibility.

They missed another important point: even when federal bailout money is available it still comes out of our pockets. Just because the state gets money from the fed doesn’t mean that we don’t get stuck with the bill. Reckless spending at the national level hurts Maryland residents just as much as it does on the state level and by enabling Washington to continue the spending binge–Maryland lawmakers like my opponent are bankrupting our future and crippling the next generation under incredible debt and taxes.

Cecil County needs jobs and business growth. Just recently, the Cecil Whig, a newspaper that has been in Cecil County for over 150 years, moved over 100 jobs out of Cecil County due to the economy. This is unacceptable. We need to change our business climate now to keep local businesses here in Cecil County. Please read the below article from the Maryland Public Policy Institute so that you can understand a little better what the Annapolis crowd is up to. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul while simultaneously taking money from a source that doesn’t have it to give. I won’t stand for this. I have been a lifelong resident of Cecil County. My family has been here for generations. I’m not leaving this community–we are going to fix it. Remember, together we can succeed!



6 responses to “Press Release from Ted Patterson for Delegate Campaign — Let’s Make Cecil County a Job Creator, Not a Job Exporter

  1. So, Ted, did you refuse to accept guaranteed student loans, Pell grants or other “government” related aid or loans for your just completed college and grad school?

    The loss of jobs at the Cecil Whig had nothing to do with the governor, Del. Rudolph, etc. and everything to do with the state of the newspaper inustry and the foreign ownership of the Whig that only cares about profit, not the local community.

    Please spare us your ideology. Get a few years of real world experience, a real job, maybe creating a business that creates jobs for others, before you tell the rest of us who have such experience what to do.

  2. Hi Louise,

    The vast majority of college students don’t have a choice. When the government taxes you, controls the education system (so therefore controls prices) and then loans you back the money you already gave them, how do you really have a choice? As a representative in Annapolis I want to increase competition among schools to create better results for kids. I support charter schools and alternative schooling for children because I think that this gives families more choices and ultimately will improve the public schools as well.

    The Whig moving had everything to do with the economy. The Whig is a prime example of a business that is struggling in this economy. I’m not the biggest Whig supporter either, but they employed people in this county and that is important to us here in Cecil. The Maryland legislature and the Governor could do more to make Maryland more business friendly. None of us should be seeing the Whig move as a good thing.

    In your last comment you ask me not to tell people what to do. My entire campaign is about not telling people what to do; I want to encourage more freedom in Maryland, whether it be economic freedom, defense of civil liberties, etc. My main concern with our current elected officials is that they are taking away our freedoms to be in control of our own lives.



  3. Hi, Ted,

    So it appears from your round-about answer, you DID accept government grants, insured loans, etc. for your education. You had a “choice” of whether to accept them or not, and you also chose to go to a Delaware university. So-called school choice for children is unrelated to your personal “choices” for university education and payment procedures.
    There is a well established procedure in the law for “charter schools,” none of which have been established in Cecil County. Your blather about “school choice” seems to be a front for giving taxpayer money/vouchers to religious schools. If parents want a “choice,” they can play by the charter school rules and establish one in Cecil County.
    Ted, read a bit more– not only on Mike’s great blog here– but also on reputable news sites and journalism reviews. The Whig’s foreign ownership’s decision to move jobs to Easton has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with state government policies and everything to do with the loss of print newspaper advertising dollars and the rise of the Internet and ‘free’ content. (Remember, you get what you pay for….)
    That is what is so distressing about ideologues like you, Ted. You distort the facts, refuse to consider the larger picture, and beat the rest of us over the head. Well, I’m wearing my helmet…
    So please tell us what business you have run, what qualifies you to represent our county based upon your own actual accomplishements, and why we should vote for you, other than your ideology. Experience matters, Ted.

  4. Hi Louise,

    I’m not interested in fighting with you. If you would like more information about what I do for the community, my education, and what my professional experience is I would be glad to meet with you and talk about it. You can also find information about me on my website by following this link:

    The bottom line, and this is what I emphasize in my editorial, is that our government at every level is spending out of control. The current course we are on is unsustainable. We simply do not have the money to pay for it. My generation will have to carry the tremendous debt that our federal government is accumulating so I have a special appreciation and understanding of the fact that what we do today has a huge impact on tomorrow.

    When the state of Maryland acts like the federal government and enables the federal government to continue the spending binge we all lose. I want to put the state of Maryland on a sustainable path forward by reducing government spending to a level that is more manageable than it is currently. Government does perform important functions that are necessary. Do we as citizens want those necessary programs in the future? If we do, we have to make hard choices right now.

  5. Hi, Ted,
    I never said I wanted to “fight” with you. I asked a very simple question, and you have yet to answer it here, or on the website link you provided.
    Before I give my vote to someone, I want to know what they have acheived, what business acumen they bring to the job, what life experiences they have that show what they will do in the future.
    Sorry, Ted, but what little information (apart from ideology) you have provided is not convincing. I would rather give my vote to a candidate who has shown he (or she) has actually worked in the real world and knows the challenges the rest of us face.
    Please get a little humility. Your arrogance– as expressed on the “Young Republicans” blog especially against transportation for senior citizens– is not anything that will garner you support from average voters.

  6. Hey Ted,

    Your ideology is good enough for my vote. Keep up the good work. Maybe if you were delegate instead of that big spender your up against, Seniors would have more money in their pockets to pay for their transportation needs. Instead, we are forced to pay taxes on everything in Maryland and grandma is forced to go begging for cab fair.

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