Cecil Times: Brian Lockhart Files for Re-Election as Third Dist. Commissioner

From Cecil Times —-

 Cecil County Commissioner Brian Lockhart, the current president of the Board, filed for re-election as a Democrat on Wednesday, saying he was proud of the Board’s accomplishments in the past four years.

 Lockhart filed his candidacy a few days after Democrat Joe Janusz formally withdrew his candidacy for the Third District seat. Lockhart had previously decided against running again and had given his blessing to Janusz to run for the seat. But when Janusz decided to withdraw from the campaign for personal reasons, Lockhart decided to get back into the race. (See previous Cecil Times report on Janusz’ decision here: ttp://ceciltimes.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/family-concerns-led-to-janusz-pullback-on-commissioner-race/

   In an interview with The Cecil Times, Lockhart said one of the most important accomplishments of his term was the creation of a citizens’ comprehensive plan review panel and the adoption of a new comprehensive plan to guide future growth policies. The panel’s recommendations were generally well received in the community and were adopted with just a few revisions.

Article continues on Cecil Times


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