Cecil Times: Elkton Senior Housing: Anatomy of a Deal

From Cecil Times —–

When a private, profit-making developer proposed turning a series of dilapidated and vacant properties on High Street into a modern apartment building for senior citizens, Elkton town officials could hardly contain their joy.  Little did they know then that the project would bring them controversy, a court challenge, and a lot of headaches.

   The Elkton Alliance, whose executive director Mary Jo Jablonski was and is also a town commissioner, could barely contain its glee in 2009 when the Ingerman Group, of Cherry Hill, N.J., moved up in the state’s  priority list for federal housing assistance. (See link here:)    http://elktonalliance.blogspot.com/2009/03/high-street-senior-apartments.html

A majority of the town board has moved heaven and earth, as well as town ordinances, to accomodate the project, as documented in town meeting minutes and Circuit Court proceedings brought by critics who questioned the way the town handled the project. 

c0ntinues on Cecil Times


2 responses to “Cecil Times: Elkton Senior Housing: Anatomy of a Deal

  1. Hey I’m just catching up on the county news after reading the Whig all week. Guess I need to start reading these blogs more. Fine piece of reporting here. Now I have an idea what is going on with this. Thanks

  2. Fred: Thanks for stopping by to catch up on the week’s news in Elkton. We agree, the Cecil Times article was an excellent piecce of journalism. We keep a constant check on that blog. It provides us with the best understanding of what’s going on in local politics, providing something more than the press releases of the politicians or serving as the public affairs 0utlet for them.

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