Ingerman Group to Pay Legal Fees of Plaintiffs in Elkton Senior Housing Project Suit

From the Town of Elkton —

The Town released a statement this morning concerning yesterday’s Senior Housing project court case.  One element of the decision was that the plaintiffs, Bob Litzenberg and Jim Nicholson, would be reimbursed for legal costs which amounted to $4,000.  The statement from the town advises that the Ingerman Group will pay those costs.  While that fact wasn’t stated in the courtroom yesterday, Someone Noticed appreciates this additional information from the municipality.


6 responses to “Ingerman Group to Pay Legal Fees of Plaintiffs in Elkton Senior Housing Project Suit

  1. What? They didn’t say this in the courtroom. The Ingerman Group are the developers/builders for the project. Now they are going to pay a town debt? This now sounds like an ethics issue and another lawsuit.

  2. I think it is interesting (but not surprising) that there was nothing in the Cecil Whig this morning about this whole case. There was, however, a big article about a lottery winner in Texas!

    • Beth: I too am always amazed when print media doesn’t pickup on these major local stories. This is an important public policy matter, whatever one thinks about the issue, and something you want the public to know about. Beyond that it is the type of material that newspaper readers want, something a little deeper and something that follows the goings on of local government in the biggest town in the county. It also helps with the quality of governance when public officials know that their every public action will be covered. It just helps get better decisions.

      Notice the excellent coverage that’s been coming out over the past couple of days from another new media journalism site, Cecil Times. That’s the type of material readers want to stay informed.

      That type of insightful coverage and really getting out and covering the story is what once helped maintain profitability for newspapers.

  3. Hey for people complaining about this, its not a problem. I wont have to pay for the mistakes Joe, Mary Jo and Earl made on this one and they make plenty. They allready cost me enough ajd are going for more. so its good that developer man agreed to pay for there mistake. That was good of that developer. He didn’t have anything to do with screws up those mayor and commissioners made.

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