Cecil Co. Chamber to Relocate from Downtown Elkton Location

The Cecil County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, which is planning to relocate from an attractive Elkton location, is selling its property at 233 E. Main Street. Located in a turn-of-the-twentieth century house found in an area of the county seat filled with lots of fine old Victorian homes, the Chamber has owned the property since 2001. They’ve outgrown the structure built about 1900 it was reported so the nonprofit has formed a search committee to find a new location.


4 responses to “Cecil Co. Chamber to Relocate from Downtown Elkton Location

  1. Another business leaving downtown. It was a lovely place when Dr. Andrews had his office there and Ms. Pethersky lived on the second floor. That was when Elkton was healthy and active.

  2. Debbie: That’s such an attractive area of Elkton hopefully they’re able to maintain the historical character and integrity of that neighborhood. Vitality comes from having things like the chamber and visitors center in your town center.

  3. Wow. Is anyone laying odds they find a location along Rt. 40? Or worse, but more probable – in North East? That’s where more business is headed, isn’t it?

    Should the Elkton Revitalization Committee (if that’s still how they’re billing themselves – pun intended) – focus more attention on finding businesses with many employees who can locate near the center of downtown – then work with local business owners to help them realize that they need to cater to the employees at businesses who are there already?

    Bring in experts to work with local business owners on creating new ways to attract and keep customers.

    How many businesses on Main Street have created a partnership with the largest employers downtown? Are the restaurants and sandwich shops faxing their menus to the offices at the hospital and lawyers each morning and staying in touch? Does the dry cleaners have regular pickups at several businesses to make it more convenient for those employees to do business with them? (Even though they’ve moved out to Rt. 40, do they do a regular pick up 2x a week for the county office workers?) Or, are businesses in town still expecting customers to come to them? (That’s so last decade!)

    Help keep the small businesses on Main Street by helping them to brainstorm innovative marketing ideas so they stay in business – and don’t forget to come up with benefits for them to remain on Main Street.

    Just a few thoughts. And, if any restaurant or other service business uses either of these ideas, please let me know.


    • Wayne, I don’t know if you’ve seen Main Street lately. There is a need for well-though out practical vision that can be practically implemented, given the current situation such as the loss of 200 courthouse workers 2 years ago, as well as the current economic climate.

      Having a healthy town-center is so critical for a community. In this case, I think the Mayor and Commissioners are doing their part in funding the Elkton Alliance, the organization charged with spearheading revitalization.

      One of the things that should be done is to really reach out in far and broad ways to leverage whatever resources the larger community can provide and to strengthen it.

      They also need to articulate what their vision is for the town center. There are things that Elkton will simply not be given it natural, economic, and geographic resources. There is also some potential is anyone articulates it and works at it in a systematic way. Perhaps the vision is just to make it into a viable governmental center that thrives with hundreds of downtown employees each day and shop and dine in business that support that. Of course, when we let the 200 office workers go that was a step away from that visiion.

      I’m not sure, but someone needs to state the vision and then ID the plan that let’s them work toward that goal.

      How long ago was it that you were covering the revitalization effort? Has it been 15-years ago when you were going to their committee meetings and writing about what they hoped to accomplish?

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