Latest Comcast Services to be Available in Elkton, North East & Charlestown early in 2011

Elkton Town Meeting, July 21, 2010 — Comcast Customers in most of Cecil County will soon have the latest generation of digital products available to them, according to Tom Worley, area director of government relations.   Those upgrades will translate into new services such as high-definition digital cable, video-on-demand, faster broadband and more, according to representatives of Comcast, Tom Worley and Alyssa Dougherety.    The cable plant upgrades in Elkton are starting in the autumn and around the first quarter of 2011 high-definition and on demand video is going to be available.  More improvements will follow and they’ll come fairly quickly, the company added.

Commissioner Givens wanted to know how Comcast was going to let customers know about these enhancements.  “We anticipated it would be picked up tonight by the newspapers.  We hoped they were going to be here,” Tom responded.  “Are they behind me?” he asked.  When the board said the papers weren’t here, he mentioned that Comcast will generate a press release.

Mayor Fisona thanked the company spokespeople for the news, to which the representative responded.  “Patience played a key role because you were pushing for your constituents and here we are.  You should feel good about what you achieved.”  As they complimented the Elkton officials for continuing to push for this, Commissioner Jablonski asked if it was a county-wide project. Comcast doesn’t serve the entire county since there are other cable provides such as Atlantic Broadband and Armstrong but the enhancements are going to affect customers in Comcast market areas of Elkton, North East and Charlestown.  It won’t be provided in the rural systems serving Cecilton or Galena.  “They’re so remote we haven’t been able to develop a business plan that would justify it,” Tom remarked.


7 responses to “Latest Comcast Services to be Available in Elkton, North East & Charlestown early in 2011

  1. Why should Commissioner Jablonski be concerned about other areas when she is the commissioner of Elkton?

  2. I also believe that our county government, along with the municipalities should make a strong effort to work collaboratively together. Just because you represent Elkton does not mean you are on an island by yourself. We need to work together.

  3. Early 2010? Is this a typo? 2010 is half over! Either way it is good news that Cecil / Comcast is finally getting an upgrade.

  4. I am guessing because she was curious. The question didn’t seem like a big deal to me. The big deal to me was the upgrade in services to the residents of Elkton.

  5. just watching main street

    Glad Comcast listened to the Elkton politicans and got us cable. Ceciltons politicians better get on the stick and start pushing to for their people. Hey I got another bet. I’ll bet it was the right decision for profits. Yeah that’s it profits. Or the stocholders better start talking to the managers if they make up their mind based on politicians getting involved.

    • Just Watching Main Street. Someone Noticed thinks you’ve got that right. It was was the right business decision at the right time. Whatever the case, it’s a good decision for customers in Charlestown, Elkton and North East. Notice they said there was no way they could figure out a business model that worked for Cecilton & Galena.

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