Capello’s Bakery Has Tempting Homemade Products in Port Deposit

Port Deposit, July 30, 2010 — Over the past few years we’ve carefully watched as Port Deposit has become a Cecil County destination spot for fine dining.  As a result we often head that way to enjoy exceptional meals coupled with the atmosphere of an attractive historic river town that is ideal for strolling.  Today was one of those times, especially in light of this pleasant July day as the region finally escaped oppressive humidity.  When we arrived on Main Street with friends, there were plenty of fine eating spots to consider.  Each of the five establishment has a unique market niche for the discriminating patron, focusing on everything from tavern food to Cecil County’s finest dining spot in our opinion (Back Fin Blues) and several choices in-between.  

While we’ve mentioned this before, we haven’t talked about the newest spot, Capello Confections and Gifts.  This is an excellent bakery found right in the center of Port’s downtown restaurant district.

After finishing our enjoyable meal, an attractive little red shop on the town square and the sweet smells wafting down Main Street pulled us right in.   Inside we looked at a fine assortment of scones, cookies, cakes and lots of fancier pastries.  After all of us purchased something we settled down on inviting chairs on Capello’s front porch.   While enjoying the ambiance of a historic downtown, we munched on some delightful bakery products.

Be sure to check out the personal touch Capello’s provides while offering homemade products and old-fashioned small town service, especially if you have a sweet tooth.  You won’t find any of those ingredients in some large commercial bakery in the corner of a big-box store.  These tempting products will meet your expectations.  This is another Port spot that’s now on our list of places to visit regularly since we’ve discovered such temping products.  By-the-way, they also provide items for private parties and other off-premises purposes. 

Oh while we were there we talked to an enthusiastic young person who is in the process of opening up a higher end coffee and sandwich shop.  We’re told they’re going to have some of the finest, creative sandwiches around including Cubans, and they hope to open next weekend.  We’ll be there to check it out and give readers a first-hand report.

Be sure to visit some of these places.  It’s been great to see the revitalization that is going on in this old Susquehanna River town as new businesses that pull in tourists from a wide region locate here.  It’s certainly caused us to become Port Deposit regulars.


6 responses to “Capello’s Bakery Has Tempting Homemade Products in Port Deposit

  1. I was reading Someone Noticed this morning. As a faithful reader, I rush to visit this informative web site to find out the latest hubbub going on in the county.
    To my great surprise, I found the region’s most prominent political muckraker has a softer side, for he has branched out into a new field: that of food critic and all around bon vivant.
    I hope the owners of “Cecil County’s finest dining spot in our (Someone Noticed’s) opinion (Back Fin Blues)” tossed in a few extra jumbo shrimp in that cocktail for the whole family, as Someone Noticed’s free advertisement will now have readers flocking to taste the Blues’ excellent dining fare. (Is that the establishment’s proprietor asleep on the front porch in the accompanying photo?)
    In coming weeks, I’m sure faithful readers will be interested in learning of the blog master’s insight into his “finest barber,” “finest gas station,” “finest optician,” “finest gin mill,” “finest fast food restaurant” and more . . .

    • Zogloba:

      Now Zogloba. If you’d read the post you would have noticed it was about the new bakery that’s in town, not Back Fine Blues.

      As for turning to reviews of the finest of everything, don’t worry. Print media outlets in Cecil County are filling that niche and it would be a crowded market to try to squeeze into. Still periodically we’ll comment on places we enjoy.
      Leave a Comment.

      Also Legacy Media does a fine job of printing press releases for businesses and politicians so we’ll leave that to them too. We’ll continue to report on thigns as they occur in a straightforward manner, dig into stories when appropriate, and perodically offer an editorial or two that shares our opinion on the subject. That’s a market that isn’t filled too much around here.

  2. As you are in the business of frequenting local eateries, it should be noted that you spent your Sunday afternoon, you’re birthday I believe, in the open air of a Newark Main Street establishment, sipping an adult beverage of your choice.

    • Now in the interest of keeping the record straight in the way we try to do with new media, it was a birthday gift for a free meal at that fine Newark establishment, but the date of the event was weeks earlier.

  3. Dear “Dining with Dixon”: Thanks for clearing up the misconception regarding your blatant plug of the restaurant and bakery. However, I could not help but notice the clever way you slipped a mention of your “birthday gift” into your response. Could this be a clever way of getting invites for FREE “birthday” meals from area eating establishments, so they could win their own “finest” mentions from the Dining with Dixon Express?

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