Board Agenda Announced for Aug 4 Meeting: Water & Sewer Rate Increase Ordinance to be Introduced

The Mayor and Commissioners have released the agenda for the Aug 4, 2010, board meeting, which starts at 7:00 p.m. at the town hall.  The recurring subject of increasing the utility rate is on the agenda as ordinance 8-2010 is going to be introduced.  Once that draft document is read in public, ratepayers will have an idea of what the new pricing points are going to be for the next four years.  Consultants have recommended an increase of 59% in the water rate and 29% for the sewer rate.  The political leadership has options related to how they distribute the cost burden, but those are the percentage adjustments that financial consultants say the town must recoup to maintain the financial health of Elkton’s utility system.

For over a half-year now, the matter of establishing the appropriate pricing has been an important public policy consideration on the agenda at town meetings.  Here’s the timeline as the mayor and commissioners have mulled this matter over.


2 responses to “Board Agenda Announced for Aug 4 Meeting: Water & Sewer Rate Increase Ordinance to be Introduced

  1. With rates like this (more than likely being passed) it is no wonder that the almighty town officials need police protection. What about 80 year old people on limited income? Does the town even care about them? I think not!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joan:

    I can’t imagine what would cause the need for so much security. I started doing survey for a comparative article on this and I can’t find any other municipality or county government unit that requires this level of security. Most don’t have an someone from the patrol division attend meetings. All the town says is that someone slash tires in the parking lot during the election, which makes you think the parking lots are what need watching.

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