Enhanced Security Continues as Mayor Orders That Police Officer Attend Public Meetings of Board

A uniformed police officer has been ordered to attend public meetings of the town board by Mayor Joseph Fisona, according to a town spokesperson.  The beefed up security started about the time Elkton’s election season wrapped up and is continuing as an extra officer is attending the public sessions on the first and third Wednesdays.  During the proceedings the guard stands  at attention in the rear of the council chamber, carefully keeping an eye on things.

  When Someone Noticed asked if there were mounting concerns about safety that  caused this allocation of law enforcement resources, we were told that a guard was detailed because of a tire slashing incident in a parking lot on election-day.  Previously other protective measures were implemented to improve safety for officials and public.

It appears that Elkton is the only local government entity in this area to require the presence of an officer for protection.  Cecil County rarely requires a deputy at meetings.  There have been a few instances when particularly heated matters were before the county board that someone from the Sheriff’s Office was required, but those have rarely occurred.  Municipalities in the region also do not tend to require a special law enforcement presence.  The chief attends in most places to report on matters as a municipal department head, but beyond that someone from the police agency isn’t there for security.

The security situation with municipalities in the region was determined in a preliminary survey we’ve done of larger localities.  Someone Noticed is working on a formal report comparing protective arrangement at communities of a similar size to Elkton with it’s population of 14,000 people.


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