Cecil Times: Candidates’ Forum: Civility and Cliff’s Notes for Cecil County Issues

From Cecil Times —–

  The first local candidates’ forum this week highlighted several hot-button Cecil County issues, and personalities, but the 100 or so people who attended the “Cecil County Patriots” forum for Republican county commissioner candidates heard some thoughtful observations,  politely expressed, as well as the (we admit it) headline-grabbing political outburst by one candidate.

   As The Cecil Times reported here within two hours of the forum’s conclusion Monday night, ( http://ceciltimes.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/kolodzey-blasts-pipkin-smigiel-they-will-destroy-this-county/ ) political newcomer Ted Kolodzey lashed out at the powerful GOP State Sen. E.J. Pipkin and Del.  Michael Smigiel, both R-36th District.  Three  political allies of the duo,  commissioner candidates from the Cecil Young Republicans Club, boycotted the forum sponsored by the local affiliate of the “tea party” movement.

   But apart from the brief moments of drama from one candidate, attendees were given a polite, almost academic discussion of a handful of issues, with each candidate given ample opportunity and time to respond to other candidates and to make a closing statement at the end of the evening. . . .

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22 responses to “Cecil Times: Candidates’ Forum: Civility and Cliff’s Notes for Cecil County Issues

  1. Cecil County Truth

    Whoa, Nancy really toned it down here after her earlier “Pipkin and Smigiel are Trying to Take over the World!” piece.

    Guess they viewed a certain candidate as a “useful idiot” to attack their enemies but he went a little too far and now they just want to throw him under the bus.

    Boy they are really trying to rake these guys over the coals for not kissing the…uh…rings of the so-called “Patriots” group.

    I seem to remember that even Ms. Schwerzler’s pal “Bob” Hodge sat out a debate sponsored by the YRs in ’08…and the leadership of that organization didn’t whine and moan (or play childish games with empty chairs and namecards). The “Patriots” need to grow up and act their age— get over it.

    • I don’t remember a YR sponsored debate event in 2008. Please check with the YR leadership and give us the specifics.

    • In fairness to the “Patriots”, they seem to have been supportive of Delegate Smigiel. There is a great amount of crossover between the membership of the Cecil County Patriots and the Tea Party Patriots. I have seen a Smigiel campaign “palm card” which states ” Tea Party Tested Tea Party Approved”. This certainly implies endorsement and I don’t believe that Delegate Smigiel would appreciate your negative comments regarding the “Patriots”.

  2. Well, Mike, you are contorting what is simply reporting what is said at a public meeting. And since you were not there, your “spin” is just that.
    The first installment of the Cecil Times two-part coverage of the event was the headline-making, on deadline report of Kolodzey’s surprising comments.
    Unlike others who “covered” the event, (or those who did not attend but are commenting and attributing sinister motives to the sponsors of the event) Cecil Times came back with a second report on the substantive issues addressed by all the attending candidates on charter government, etc. There was no need to re-hash Kolodzey’s outburst since it had been reported previously.
    But thanks so much for your illuminating comments here. Guess the campaign is a little slow, or lacking in funds, to resort to this.

  3. Editor’s Note – One of the post’s in this exchange, which carried over from an early post has been causing some confusion.

    When Cecil Times refers to Mike in the above post about a commissioner’s candidates grabbing headlines in Cecil County print media oulets and the new media sources covering the forum, the blogger is not referring to Someone Noticed. The reference is directed at the state delegate.

  4. Crazy Old History Teacher


  5. Goodness Crazy Old History teacher, you’ve been busy after taking the summer off. We are definitely not Cecil Times and we weren’t at those county meeting that caused such a swirrling storm on the Internet. Our traffic went way up so I’m sure Cecil Times was seen even greater numbers. All we did was post the opening part of it and link to it. We try to keep it fair and balanced and move the news reports as they come along, from whatever sources. The problem is in Cecil County that some sources are very good at using the Net, while other long-time politicians just don’t seem to be oriented to it yet.

  6. Mike the Editor.
    Your 8/10 (10:26 PM) comment/post confuses me. There are several Mike’s as candidates and one editor. How did you know which one they were speaking to/about?

  7. Dan, Mike the Blog Editor here.

    Sorry for any confusion these comments are causing. A few other people thought they were directed to me too. Since Someone Noticed didn’t write anything on the subject, we’re sure it’s not directed at us. I believe Cecil Times was talking to Mike the delegate. You’ll notice that the post sand the exchanges have been between Cecil Times and a range of other unidentified individuals. Perhaps Cecil Times can comment.
    These exchanges about the county issues certainly created a lot of Internet traffic and comments. Our posts and comments are alway ssigned, so it’s obvious when we’re in the line of fire.

  8. Dear Cecil County Truth, I am still waiting for your confirmation of a Young Republican (YR) debate in 2008 (see your 8/8/10 3:45am post). How could Commissioner Hodge have avoided a debate that never occurred? Check with Candidate Ted Patterson, the YR President. Perhaps Candidate Ted Patterson would provide details of the event such as time, place, invitees and attendees.

    • Cecil County Truth

      Diogenes, I like the name although you’re unlikely to find an honest man in the current company you keep.

      There are so many of these things any more they seem to run together, but I believe it was a joint YR/21st Century Club debate with the general election candidates in Oct 2008.

      Not sure why you have a bee in your bonnet over this, as I was simply pointing out that candidates are well within their rights to pick and choose what events they attend. And that even your friends have “sat out” these forums without the organizers throwing temper tantrums.

      • I didn’t see an answer to the question. Was there a debate or not? You clearly stated that a precedent existed and now you can’t back up your allegation. No lamp for you. Prove to the readers that you have credibility. E ither prove the point or withdraw the statement.

        • Cecil County Truth

          Uh…Diogenes, you might want to check your lamp there as you seem a bit in the dark. I did in fact answer the question. Calm down and read it again.

          For further clarification, it was the YR/21st Century Club forum on 9/29/08 at Rising Sun Library (well my initial guess of Oct 08 was close, had to look through old notices in my email archive for the exact date).

          And I vaguely recall that as a courtesy, Hodge was even allowed to answer the questions in written form and Tari distributed them to the audience…no empty chairs foolishness.

  9. Dear Mike DIXON– Sorry for any confusion created by response to the initial commenter. NO, we were not referring to the editor of Someone Noticed. Actually, we were collectively referring to the delegate and his employee, also named Mike, who declined to attend the candidates’ forum. Since they got personal, so did we.
    Dear Crazy History Teacher, NO Cecil Times and Someone Noticed are edited by two different people. We do realize you have your unique “take” on things, but you’re wrong on this one.

  10. Why not refer to Delegate Smigiel as MIKE and Michael Dunn as Mini-Mike? By the way, since Mini-Mike has been involved with Cecil YRs for a long time, he should be able to state whether or not that group sponsored a debate in 2008 and, if so, whether or not it was attended by Commissioner Hodge.

  11. Cecil County Truth

    Wow, I seem to have struck a nerve here. You simply voice an alternative opinion to what some of these folks post on the internet and they resort to petty and personal attacks. Perhaps they have had the blogosphere to themselves for far too long…and they feel their monopoly slipping away.

    My only regret is that I am giving Ms Schwerzler’s otherwise ignored blog some undeserved publicity. So far as I know, Smigiel and others are not speaking out about some of the outrageous stuff posted on the web and I feel the obligation to do so.

    And louise (or Nancy), are you really going to attack other people’s looks? Really? I’m trying to be a gentleman here, but honestly, shame on you.

  12. Cecil County Truth, your answers always leave wiggle room: “they seem to “, “I believe”, “vaguely recall”. Very lawyerly. Try exactness. Try to practice Journalism 101. We have strayed from the original point. The three missing candidates failed to show for a fair and impartial forum that they had previously agreed to attend. One cancelled on the day of the event. It was almost as if the Slate Master had made up their minds for them.

  13. Cecil County Truth

    Diogenes, what was that you were saying about proving credibility to the readers? I was very exact in giving you the date and place of the forum that you were very insistent did not occur. And geez, I didn’t even get a thank you.

  14. Cecil County Truth. Your original point was that others have sat out debates. Having re-read the posts I don’t believe I was insistent that a forum did not occur. You still have not proved that other candidates have sat out debates. You are still trying to deflect attention from the fact that three candidates failed to appear at a forum sponsored by the Cecil County Patriots. Go to cecilcountypatriots.ning.com for a video of the event.

  15. The Laboratory Mouse

    Morony: Gee Mike what are we going to do tonight?
    Smigiel: The same thing we always do Andi, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

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