Without Discussion Rate Increase Approval Inches Forward in 50-Seconds

Elkton Town Hall, August 4, 2010 — The Mayor and Commissioners moved forward with an increase in utility rates this evening, something they’ve grappled with since last winter. As they inched closer to making this financial decision, Lewis George, town administrator, advised that ordinance 8-2010 was being presented for introduction. Without deliberation or public discussion the political leadership wrapped it up on this hot August night in less than 50-seconds with a unanimous vote.

Elkton’s charter requires a two step legislative process, an introduction and a final vote. There will thus be one more final roll-call before the ratepayers start feeling the financial crunch.

Since pricing points weren’t presented at the public meeting, Someone Noticed has extracted the rates from the table in the ordinance (see below). The strikes through are the old charges.  The ordinance states that the base water and sewer rates for consumers outside the municipal limits shall be double the town rate.


2 responses to “Without Discussion Rate Increase Approval Inches Forward in 50-Seconds

  1. How come joe don’t tell people what he is voting on. ! People can’t say anything when Joe does not explain it. now can they.

  2. DJ

    The town really should provide some insight to the public on what it’s doing. Not that you can’t find out, but it takes a bit of digging. Why not, in the case of the utility rates, have handouts ready for distribution at the meeting or at least read it (or summarize) for the public. There were people at the meeting that didn’t know what they were voting on in this case. Of course that zipped through so fast, without comment or discussion, that you didn’t want to blink.

    It would help the town to put as much sunlight on its processes as it possibly could. Our position is that you want the public to know what you’re doing. It’ll help you make better decisions, but I guess the town disagrees.

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