Elkton Police Officer Recognized for Rescue & Town Recognized for Financial Reporting

Elkton News Briefs — From Town Meeting of Aug 4, 2010

  • While on routine patrol in the pre-dawn hours of July 5 Elkton Police Officer Brian David discovered that the Sutton Motel on Pulaski Highway was on fire.  Alerting dispatch he responded to the building and carried the 99-year-old owner of the motel, Jerry Sutton, from the burning structure.  For saving his life that night, the Mayor and Commissioners presented the patrolman with a certificate of special recognition.  Sutton family members also attended the town meeting to publicly thank the officer and give him a token of their appreciation.
  • The Town received a certificate of achievement from the Government Finance Officers Association for excellence in financial reporting.   Representing the professional group, Lenney Moore remarked that this award encourages governments to prepare financial reports of the highest quality.  It is an indicator of excellence and Elkton had to substantial conform to a program that has demanding criteria far exceeds general accounting standards.  It shows, he said, “the highest degree of dedication and leadership on the part of you Mayor Fisona and your finance team.”


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