Letter to the Editor (Cecil Whig) Paper Owes Readers Full Coverage of Court Cases Involving Local Government

Letter to the Editor of the Cecil Whig — July 16, 2010

On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, the Town of Elkton was in court about the senior apartment complex that the Ingerman Group wants to build in Elkton.  Nothing wrong with the project, just the way the town administration went about the approval process.  The town lost this case about the way they handled the approval process.  They admitted they were wrong and agreed to start the process over.  They also agreed to pay the legal fees of $4,000 to Mr. LItzenberg and Mr. Nicholson who brought the suit against them.  This matter will be on going.  There is too much involved to include in this letter.

My concern is why the Cecil Whig didn’t cover this and failed to publish anything in the paper.  The Whig seems to cover all the other town s in the county adequately.  When it comes to covering Elkton they fall woefully short in their report.  Readers can find full coverage of this story at www.ceciltimes.wordpress.com.

The Cecil Whig owes its readers full coverage of all court cases involving any local government body.


Malvern “Mickey” Williams

Editor’s Note:  This letter to the editor of the Cecil Whig from Mickey Williams was never published in the newspaper.  Eight days after the trial the newspaper carried the story that had been developing for months at Elkton town meetings and in courtroom hearings. 


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