Check out Sample Official Ballots & Glance at Campaign Finances

We’re posting a few election resources to help readers stay informed as we near the primary on Sept. 14, 2010.

1.  Below are sample ballots for Democrats and Republicans voting in the 36th district primary.  This district takes in Elk Neck, the eastern half of the greater North East area, greater Elkton and all the southern part of Cecil.  Click on an image to enlarge it for easier viewing.

2.  If you live in the 34th district visit the Maryland Election Centers website by clicking here.  These interactive pages allow you to verify your polling place, other voter registration information and obtain a sample ballot for that part of the county.

3. Interested in campaign contributions and expenses, the Maryland Election Center has an informative online database that allows you to glance at the sources of cash for office-seekers and how they’re spending funds.  It includes state and county races so there’s lot of information there.  Click here to surf over to the database.

4.  The boundaries for the state legislative districts are confusing.  Here’s a state website that has maps to help you sort that out.


This past week the Board of Elections & the Cecil County Republican Central Committee identified an error in the official Republican Party BAllot. Click here for the story and a revised ballot.


3 responses to “Check out Sample Official Ballots & Glance at Campaign Finances

  1. Tracey M. Sampson

    Thank you for putting this out. People need to be informed. Keep up the good work.

    Tracey M. Sampson
    Chair-Democratic Central Committee of Cecil County

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